Sunday, 8 September 2013

Fitspiration Motivation

Motivation is a topic that i think really deserves a place in my Blog, its a topic that is essential when it comes to training and of course Life . I would consider myself one of the lucky ones who probably has too much motivation , i have always been a big dreamer and a Hard worker. I thank my family for giving me those kind of qualities and outlooks on life. I was thrilled to read a comment on Facebook yesterday by a girl called Nadine who said she would love to read about motivation on BikiniBrawn, like i said its something i am not short of so if i can share that with others and help motivate them,  then BRILLIANT ! 
I think when you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your appearance the first thing to do is decide you want to make a change. I know for the majority of people this first step is in fact the easiest, But staying consistent and motivated is where it gets tricky. 
Whether its wanting to loose three stone , get toned or maybe even just get fit and strong. I am going to discuss my own opinion on staying motivated and what helps me in my quests. 

Be Realistic :

Unfortunately the reality is you are not going to look like Candice Swanepoel over night or even in six weeks. Sorry to burst your bubble, But that shouldn't hinder your motivation or direction . Just because you wont have her body in Six weeks doesn't mean you wont be closer in six weeks than you are today. I have read a lot of fitness magazines and have done a lot of research on transformations in the past couple of months, and have discovered in the space of six months anybody can make a dramatic change to their appearance and body. Only threw hard work and consistency of course.
There is an answer to every question, You just have to find the right answer ! 

Start Small : 

If this is your first time getting in shape or if its your first time taking on a personal challenge of this nature then start small, if you lack motivation and lack the will power to start then this is gold.
Most people set themselves to high of a goal and then are disappointed when they fall at the first hurdle, remember the turtle always wins the race. 

Stop playing the victim :

You are not a prisoner in your own body, you have the power to make great changes. Leave all personal issues aside and let this become your new main focus . You may also find yourself happier and more equipped to deal with your problems with a healthy body and mind. Take responsibility for your body you are not a victim.

Set a Goal :

Again its important to set a realistic goal, start small. I personally recommend if its your first time then try a six week challenge, that's only Fourty two days. It doesn't need to be dramatic but i promise after six weeks you will be ready to take the next step, Build on your success.

Put yourself out there :

As you can see from my Facebook and twitter page, i am a big advocate for publicly discussing my goals, my progress and success. Take a leaf out of my book and commit publicly to your new adventure. I find it soooooooooo motivating and exciting to let others into your life, it also means that you are making a full commitment, lets be honest nobody likes to look bad or too look like a quitter in public. Announce your new plan, discuss your excitement and struggle's, Post pictures, talk about diet, look for help. You may find yourself with a huge support net , you may also find yourself inspiring others which will only benefit your own progress. 

Stay excited :

If you start on a negative note then your a bound for failure, If you consider exercise and eating healthy the devil then of course you wont be excited about getting in shape. GET EXCITED ABOUT YOUR RESULTS, don't loose sight of why you are doing this. Remind yourself why you are doing this on a daily bases, I know it might sound a little bit obvious saying get excited but just get engrossed by this. Even if it means looking online everyday for inspiration , or reading about other peoples success stories, figure out what motivates you and use it as a tool for when you struggle.

Lets Talk about motivation and your struggles
Leave a comment below i would love to hear what you think.

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