Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Belfie by Jen Selter

The posterior motive Jen Selter 

The 2014 booty revolution is upon us, forget abs, actually forget anything except the booty. If you haven't got it, you damn well better be working towards it in 2014. If you are looking for glute motivation look no further than self made Jen Selter, a 20 year old newyork girl living in Manhattan. If you haven't already heard of Jen, then you are seriously out of the loop.Miss Setler has become an international star or should i say her booty has. Jen has no issues admitting all of her success is down to her posterior. Jen has become an internet sensation, posting hundreds of photos on Instagram of her serious glutes, gaining her over 1.5 MILLION fans. She has also made a full time living because of it, with company's like NY20 water and Game plan nutrition. Not only has she more followers than some of your favourite celebrities, she is also followed by them including Pop queen Rihanna. The 20 year old fitness lover was shocked to see her bum baloon from the correct training, so she joined instagram in 2012 to document her transformation. She had no idea she would become so well known because of her Belfies ' Booty selfies'. “I don’t really go to public gyms anymore just because it is a whole big scene when I’m there,” Selter told The Post. Jen is also content with the fact people are only following her because of her glutes, and she openly says nobody follows me to see my face but that she is fine with it ''Not that i care what people think, but they don't care. They dont want to see my face' 

All we can say is that Jen Setler is well and truly going to be the booty sensation and inspiration for 2014. I will be training glutes tomorrow that is for sure. Roll on the Belfies and fitted leggings. 

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Kelly D xx

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