Sunday, 8 December 2013

Vicky Pattison ditches the booze and kebabs

Miss Vicky Pattison seems to have won her battle with her Weight and credit where credit is due, she is looking FABULOUS. The Geordie shore lady looks tall, lean and svelte in her new Body. Vicky admitted to piling on the weight after her split from fellow Geordie shore star Ricky , Vicky admitted her weight was creeping up on twelve stone and after hundreds of cruel insults on Twitter and facebook she decided to take action against her heartache bulge. Through hard work, determination and the help of her personal trainer Vicky dropped from a size 16 to a tiny size 8. The reality TV star admits she really struggles keeping her weight down, especially with the reality Tv and Part lifestyle. During her Three month transformation she ate a lot of Fish and vegetables and cut out alcohol. She said she made better choices rather than snacking on a bar she would have a banana.
Well hats off to Vicky she is looking better than ever and we all have our fingers crossed she will keep up her healthy lifestyle and keep off the weight for good.

Congrats Vicky

"I don't eat white bread or pre-packed sandwiches. I have plenty of veg, but not so much fruit because it's full of natural sugar. I eat sweet potatoes instead of white ones."

Vicky, who says she won't stop until she weighs 8 stone (she's currently 9 stone) is set to release a weight loss DVD for her efforts (surprise, surprise), using high interval training as her method.

She added: "In the three months it's taken me to lose weight, I've been exercising six or seven times a week. I've been doing it in short, intense bursts, rather than massive long workouts."

Leave a comment below, what do you think of Vicky's transformtion ? 

Kelly D xx

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