Friday, 31 January 2014

Superdrug launch the Celebrity weighing scale

Just when you thought there couldn't be anymore unrealistic pressure for young people, Beauty chain Superdrug have designed a new product that they feel is going to tackle the obesity crisis facing both Britain and Ireland.They plan on attacking the epidemic head on, by launching a new weighing scales. The celebrity weighing scales by Superdrug will allow you to compare your own weight with those of celebrities. Including Cheryl Cole, Rihanna, Beyonce and Khloe Kardashian. Each celebrity on the weighing scale signifies a certain weight, check out the list below to see the full superdrug celeb weight listing. 

Cheryl Cole - 8st
Kate Middleton - 8st 6lb
Jessica Ennis - 8st 9lb
Ellie Goulding - 9st
Beyonce - 9st 4lb
Rihanna - 9st 7lb
Christina Hendricks - 11st
Khloe Kardashian - 12st 1lb
Adele - 14st
Queen Latifa - 14st
Gemma Collins - 16st
Melissa McCarthy - estimate 18st

We are shocked that such a huge beauty chain like 'Superdrug' would launch such an irresponsible, toxic product. We are disgusted to think that Superdrug, and the team behind it thought this was a sensible approach to the obesity epidemic. With so many fragile and impressionable young women out there, we feel this product could only have give young women a negative image of their body and also give them unrealistic, irreverent targets. So many young girls, as young as four or five are fans of stars like Rihanna and Beyonce. 
It is completely unrealistic to compare your body weight to ANYONE, in fact here at Bikinibrawn we always promote the fact weight is completely irrelevant. Weight can vary from height, to genes and of course muscle. If i was to compare myself to this chart i would fall just under Christina Hendricks, we are both completely different. We think people should be worrying about their health and happiness, not the weighing scales. I am sure you will all agree that this will not help the obesity epidemic, but add fuel to another epidemic, one of unrealistic celebrity obsessed eating disorders. Everybodies weight is individual and could never be compared.  

Cheryl Cole also commented on the product

‘‘Shocked!!!...Pls do not include me on your scale. Girls should be worried about the number on their exam page not a weight scale ffs,’’ 

Check out Superdrugs comments on the Product :

“Our new scales are just one of the ways that the health team here are helping our customers to be more open about discussing their health needs with our in-store healthcare professionals.
"We're pleased to be piloting these scales amongst our store teams and, if successful, would look at potentially rolling them out for customer use nationwide."

Whats your verdict on the Superdrug celebrity weighing scale ?
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Presenter to Powerlifter

 We all know her from her glamorous job as an Xpose presenter with TV3 Ireland. Lisa is usually seen interviewing celebrities from all around the globe including stars like Orlando Bloom, Bon Jovi and one of my favourite's Henry Cavill. Miss cannon is leaving the red carpet behind for a grueling 16 week preparation for the power lifting championships which takes place here in Ireland on the 5th of April in Drogheda. 

Her preparation for the big show will all be recorded for a brand new documentary show, that will feature on TV3 in April. Over eight weeks Lisa will be filmed between training, diet and everything in between. Lisa has also revealed that lifting weights is totally new to her , so we are even more impressed that she is taking on such a big challenge. 

“I’m really looking forward to the challenge because this is something that it both physical and mental. I’m pushing myself beyond boundaries I’ve never felt or even known before. I’ve swapped the pints for the protein so it’s really a massive endeavor to get this project off the ground. I’ve never lifted weights before; I’m a complete novice so going to the Championships on the 5th of April is going to be a really good, exciting challenge in my life.”

Fingers crossed we will be able to get an exclusive interview with Lisa about how she's feeling about the competition, catch up with her about what she's eating and what her training is like. 
We have no doubts lisa is going to do an amazing job, we think its brilliant that people in the public eye are promoting weight lifting. It will no doubt motivate others to get active and even take up the sport. There is also no question her body transformation is going to be dramatic, and will impress hundreds. 

Whats your verdict on Lisa's New goal ? Do you think this is a positive show, that will promote weightlifting here in Ireland. Possibly make it less intimidating to women. Let us know your opinions  by leaving a comment below.

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The Slendertone Abs Belt

It has been a brand that has been around for quite some time, the name is well known both here in Ireland and Internationally. 
The big question about Slendertone and Slendertone products is if they really work and are they worth the money. The company was founded and developed here in Ireland in Galway, which like me i am sure you will find very surprising. Slendertone has been around for Fifty years and have sold an unbelievable 6.1 million products. All of their products are approved by the European medical device directive. Slendertone also holds many awards including The Irish consumer goods export award in 2005, which i thought was very relevant. The company have been manufacturing & developing electronic muscle stimulation for over fifty years and their latest creation is called the slendertone face, which fights wrinkles and the signs of ageing. The Slendertone face is gaining huge popularity Internationally and in press, having won awards with Elle Beauty 2010, Harpers Bazaar Editors choice, Pure beauty awards 2010 and many more. 

I was thrilled to be sent the Slendetone belt just over two weeks ago, so that i could put slendertone to the test. After reading up on the technical side of the product, i was definitely impressed and eager to try it out.  I decided to follow the instructions, which might i add i rarely do with anything. They offer a very informative booklet that shows you how to use it, how it works and also the
slendertone challenge. The Challenge is for thirty days, so i decided i would follow it to a tea. You must wear the belt five days a week for four weeks. I am currently coming into my third week of this plan. It is well known the only way to a perfect six pack and core is by eating a balanced, healthy diet. If your muscles are surrounded by fat , it is going to be fairly hard to find those muscles even with electrical stimulation. If i am being really honest, i was really skeptical about the Belt. My current diet still includes White potaotes and Brown bread and i also don't train abs any day of the week. With that being said, i am still somehow managing to look more toned and tighter around the stomach area, and it genuinely can only be down to one thing 'The Slendertone Abs belt'. I usually only start to get really trim around the core when i cut out Potatoes and Breads, so after three weeks of use i am definitely convinced.

I also wanted to include how convenient the belt is, i usually strap it on watching the TV in the evenings. The levels and intensities can be modified to suit each individual, i tried to increase mine with every use. Even when i use the Maximum intensity i was still able to chill out and continue with life. 

Slendetone also have a range of other products including The slendertone Face, The slendertone Bottom and The slendertone arms. So whatever your problem area, slendertone have a solution. They also do great deals ie a couples package and discounts.

Week two and three below after using Slendertone.
Highly recommend this product along side a nutritious, balanced diet. Also recommend for fitness lovers who are looking for an extra kick 

The Science for those of you who are interested :

The muscles at the front of your abdomen comprise the internal and external obliques, transversus and rectus abdominus. Core stability training emphasises the importance of activating both sets of obliques and the travsversus abdominus which, in combination with the gluteal and lower back muscles, can act as an effective support or 'brace' to the lumbar spine when a movement is being performed. Current thinking amongst researchers is that regular training of these muscles can play an important role in the prevention of incidence, and reoccurrence, of lower back pain. Moreover, core stability training can enhance the performance of people of all ages and their abilities to carry out both everyday tasks and more athletic endeavours. The role of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), as applied through the use of Slendertone System Abs Female, produces safe and effective contractions of the muscles of the anterior abdomen. This has been well established in clinical research and can make an important contribution to an effective core strengthening programme.

Celebrities who love Slendertone 
I'm a celebrity star miss Amy Willerton

To Buy your very own Slendertone belt follow the link here 

We are also offering an amazing 10% off to all Bikinibrawn readers , The discount code which can be used on the Slendertone website is GOLD10

Have you tried Slendertone ? Let Bikinibrawn know what you think by leaving a comment below !
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The Kardashian's take fitness to new levels 'Literally'

We are all obsessed with the Kardashian family and what they are getting up to. They are always one step ahead of the trends and that goes for fitness also. The family are usually getting up to all kinds of trouble with each other, but Kardashian sisters Khloe and Kourtney took some time off to get fit and have fun instead. Aerial aerobics or circus training is said to be the new fitness trend of 2014, so it is no surprise the Kardashian sisters were seen on the ropes 'Literally'. Khloe and Kourtney looked like they were getting up to their typical mischief , joking and laughing through out their workout. The Girls enjoyed a private aerial session near their home in Los Angeles where they tried out all the basic aerial maneuvers. The K sisters looked sporty and stylish, both sticking to black sportswear outfits . Aerial fitness has become a huge hit in the states, A listers like Gwenyth Paltrow, Pink, Britney spears and Mariah Carey are all huge aerial fitness nuts. No doubt this trend might launch here in Ireland later in the year . Check out the Photos below of Khloe & Kardashian trying out circus/aerial training. 

Kardashian ladies post workout !

Check out the Video of Khloe & Kourtney trying out the aerial hoop. 

Would you like to see Aerial fitness here in Ireland ? Leave your opinions below 
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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Underarmour Ireland

Underarmour has really exploded here in Ireland over the last year and now its not just known as a sports brand, but also a stylish lifestyle brand. Underarmour kit out a huge number of professional athletes and teams, including all of the NFL, football teams and rugby teams. With that in mind you know you are buying into a brand that has been designed for both function and quality. UA is not just a brand that caters for sports teams and males, they actually have a really amazing women's range too. They have incorporated their classic well fitted items with some amazing vibrant colours. Pinks, purples, neons and everything in between. So you wont be buying a range designed to fit just men, the cuts are very flattering and feminine and don't make you look bulky or hidden like some sportswear ranges. The women's range is the perfect combination of sporty and feminine, and is ideal for gym lovers like myself, runners, walkers and individuals who like stylish sportswear as a day to day statement. 

So if you are looking for long lasting , hard working sportswear then Underarmour for women is definitely the brand for you. Underarmour is available from a huge number of Irish stores both online and in stock, including Lifestyle sports, Elvery's, 53 degrees north and Littlewoods Ireland. They also have great discounts directly from the Underarmour website, which now deliver to Ireland. Can take a maximum of four weeks to deliver so keep that in mind.

                                                                   Above : 102.15 euro

                                                                    Above : 52.16 euro

Above : 65.20 euro

Above : 48.90 euro

Above : 35.86 euro

Above : 81.50 euro

Above : 81.50 euro

Above : 81.50

We had to throw this one in above , we are obsessed with it here at Bikinibrawn.
We love the camouflage print.
above : 43.46 euro 

For more information on the Underarmour range please don't hesitate to get in touch .
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Sunday, 26 January 2014

What supplements should i be taking ?

I have been getting a lot of people, especially women asking me what supplements they should be taking. Supplementation is easy to get the hang of, first of all you just need to know why you take them and what they do. Our body needs over 40 nutrient types a day to function at a standard level, let alone functioning at its best. The reality is the Majority of people have poor diets, make bad food choices, change their diets frequently or have small appetites, which means by taking a supplement it will help you meet the necessary requirements.  For an individual who is looking for their body to work at an optimum level then supplementation as well as a clean diet is essential. Even if you consider yourself overly healthy, when it comes to food choices the reality is that you still are not meeting the needed requirements to function at a high level. The best thing about using supplements these days, is that you don't need to be popping one hundred pills a day . The only ones you need on your list include Omega's, Multivitamins and Multiminerals. If you are at a higher level of training then you could possibly add in a couple of others. Always remember supplementation is not a replacement for food , it can also be hugely beneficial for individuals who have allergies or are vegetarian / vegan.

Multivitamins : 

Most women have totally different dietary needs then men, that also includes multivitamins. There are a couple of brands available that sell women specific Multivit's .I recommend Optimum Nutrition's Opti-women or if you cant get your hands on that the majorty of health food stores will sell a high quality multivitamin for women. There are 13 essential vitamins that are essential in maintaining a high level of health and wellbeing. Including vitamin A, B, C, D, E , K , B12 and 7B Complex.

All Multivitamin capsules will have all of these important vitamins in each capsule, if you want to be really good you can add in an extra Vitamin D tablet. 

Multiminerals : 

Multiminerals are just as essential as Vitamins in maintaining a healthy body. Minerals are important for a number of reasons, they help to build healthy muscle, bones and teeth. Minerals also help the function of our nervous and metabolic systems. 

They also help us to have better hair and skin. They are essential for the growth and development of our health. Minerals we need include Iron, Magnesium, zinc, calcium, copper etc. 

                                            Omega 3's Last but not least Essential fats. They are crucial in maintaining a strong immune system, They also have been proven to improve your mood, they also help keep your skin and eyes healthy. Most important healthy fats boost brain function. So for those of you who thought all fats were bad , they were wrong. They are en essential part of a healthy and strong body. Again the Majority of health food stores sell high quality Omega 3's 

If you have any further questions about anything mentioned above, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below 

Kelly D 


Salty & sweet peanut butter cupcakes with MyProtein Uk Muffin mix

I was sent a pretty cool package a week back from My Protein Uk. They are an online sports nutrition brand, who offer not only a massive range of products but also with an extremely affordable price tag. Some of their products are very exciting, including the one i am trying out today 'My proteins Muffin mix' . They have a huge range of products that allow you to cheat clean and enjoy some yummy nibbles without the guilt. They have items like Protein cookies, protein pancake mix, protein dessert and many many more. The ingredients include a protein concentrate, Milk protein, egg protein that all add a significant amino profile.

I unfortunately had no muffin cases so decided to make mini muffins instead. The sachet comes with 200g of muffin protein mix with no flavouring. I am a huge peanut butter nut so thought that would make a nice cupcake flavour. The instructions say that you will get four large muffins from the mix , i got a total of 19 mini cupcakes. 

              100g protein muffin mix / 3 Large scoops

2 Tablespoons of Coconut oil

Add 100ml of Milk / Almond milk / Soy milk

I also decided to add an extra portion of protein in which isnt in the instructions. I added one whole egg and mixed with the rest of the ingredients. I then also added One large spoon of smooth peanut butter. Mix the ingredients well

The direct instructions say you need to bake for a total of 12- 15 minutes but since i made cupcakes not large muffins, i found that 6 minutes at 160 c did the job. 

VOILA !! Little golden looking cabbages

Ok so they may look a little like toasted cabbages, i reckon that could have been down to the egg that i added. Regardless they taste very yummy and are also very light and fluffy. Obviously you can adapt these anyway you like, chocolate, vanilla etc. Each miniature cake comes to roughly 20 calories, 2g protein, 2g of carbs and 1g of sugar.   

To get your hands on Myprotein's protein muffin mixture follow the link below. A 200g pack is just under 15 euro :  myprotein muffin-mix Link

Whats your verdict ? 

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