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Bikinibrawn catches up with model Kate Mc Daid, We also get the scoop on her new fitness venture

Myself and Kate go way back funny enough, all the way back to 2011. We both found ourselves competing in the Miss Universe Ireland pageant together.
It is amazing to see us both on the road of fitness and that is why i am so thrilled to share her story with my readers. Kate is not only a model with the Andrea Roche agency but also food science student. Kate has decided to take her love for nutrition  and take it to new levels, by taking on a new challenge with the hopes of getting into the world of fitness modelling. One thing that really struck me during her interview, was her want to help others. Kate also wants to help those with eating disorders in the future.
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Photo by Alex Hutchinson

Name : Kate McDaid

Age : 21

City : Dublin

Occupation : Food Science Student/ Model/ Sales assistant/ Basketball coach

Favourite workout technique ; Interval training

Pet peeve : When I see someone with a finger to the nose – Makes my stomach turn!

Nickname : Cookie (Courtesy of my massive appetite and outrageous sweet tooth:0)

Secret addiction :

Describe yourself in two words : Ambitious and Driven

Hi Kate a huge thank you for speaking to us and sharing your story. We know you have a background in modelling, pageants and are also a student. Could you tell us a little bit about that and your background?

Hi! Thanks so much for having me! I am a final year Food Science Student in UCD. I am signed with Andrea Roche Model Agency and have two titles under my belt: Miss Irish Sun 2011 where I went on to come third in Miss Universe Ireland 2011 and the ‘Irish Specsavers’ Wearer of the Year 2009’ which allowed me to compete in the ‘International Specsavers’ Wearer of the Year’ final in London. My passion is Nutrition so I hope to go on and do a Nutrition masters after I get my Food Science degree. So fingers crossed that all goes to plan.

Photo By Richie Buttle photography 

2 ) Were you sporty as a child ?

I have always played sport growing up. I used to play a bit of tennis, gaelic football and camogie in primary school, as well as Irish dancing. However things really got competitive when I got to secondary school. It was here that I took up basketball. I remember I wasn't going to start at all, the thoughts of training 3 times a week didn't appeal to me. Nonetheless, friends talked me around and before I knew it I was playing 7 times a week and loving every minute! 
I have been extremely fortunate to have captained both an Irish and Dublin basketball team, which has given me the opportunity to play in other countries such as Belgium, Bulgaria and Denmark. I am still playing basketball now with a club team and in the next few weeks I will hopefully start training with my college team for the Varsities tournament, which will be played this coming April.

3) You are currently studying food science in college and only have a couple of months left, what is it about that subject that interested you and how did you make the decision to do it in college ?

To be honest I never thought I would be doing Food Science. I really wanted to do Human Nutrition and Dietetics in DIT, Food Science was only my third choice. However I did not get enough points in the Leaving Cert. so Food Science it was. I have to say, although it has been a very challenging degree I have really enjoyed it and have gotten so much out of it. We still get to study some nutritional elements too which I love, as well as gaining an insight to how food is made and the chemistry and processing that goes behind it.

4 ) What did you hope to gain out of the course ie Jobs knowledge etc

I hoped that I would learn a lot about the way in which different ingredients work within one’s body and in various products. I study subjects such as Food Ingredients, Food, Diet and Health and Food Chemistry for example which all cover those aspects. I would like to go on and do a Nutrition masters in either Coleraine or Loughborough to develop my knowledge further. My dream job would be to work as a sports nutritionist with a team of some sort and maybe even specialize in eating disorders. However I am also extremely interested in personal training so I may combine that with my nutritional knowledge and see what happens. Early days yet sure

5 ) Did your interest in the fitness world come from studying nutrition in college or did it develop somewhere else ?

As I mentioned earlier, I have been heavily involved in sport in the last few years, so it has had a major influence on my life. I have been fortunate to work with some nutritionists over the years which made me realize the importance of food in an athlete’s diet, as well as its significance for everyone. My Dad is a diabetic so I have been trying to keep him on the straight and narrow for years! I do modeling also and given that I train so much I thought that the fitness side of the industry would suit me better. As well as this I think it would be a great way for me to promote health and fitness among others.

6 ) What is your current goal, how do you plan on achieving it and why are you so passionate about it ?

I am currently after embarking on a new journey, working alongside Matt Kelly PT at Elite Training and Nutrition. I will be put on new gym program and different diets with the aim of becoming a fitness model in the next few months. I would love to travel to London and get signed as a fitness model with an agency over there as the fitness industry is a lot larger in the UK. I love modeling and I have been blessed with all of the great experiences I have been given, however I think that fitness modeling would let me combine my passion for modeling as well as that for health.

7 ) Do you have any plans to do it competitively ?

Well if I go to London and please God get signed, it is always going to be competitive in the sense that you are going up against other athletes who are also after the same jobs etc. Nothing is definite yet but I would love to sign up for a show and compete in that to see how I would get on.

8 ) Where do you see yourself with regards your goals and dreams in a years time ?

I hope that I will have gotten the contract with an agency and that I can motivate others to start working out or eating healthier. I would like to have gotten my Nutrition masters under my belt by that stage too so that I can begin to work with 
people on a more professional level.

                                                      Photo by Alex Hutchinson

9 ) Who would be your ideal company to model for , if you could pick any in the world ?

Victoria S……:P There are a few out there who I would love to model for like Optimum Nutrition for example, however I would be honored to model for anyone who is passionate about the well-being and success of their customers. As I said before I really just want to promote health and fitness among all because I really believe it is so important.

10 ) Do you think your experience in both modeling and pageants will help you in your current venture ?

Yes, I like to think it will. Modeling can be quite cut-throat so it has definitely toughened me up which will certainly help me when I am facing a set of deadlifts for example (I hate them!). I have also gained some confidence through my experience in pageants which I think will help me with stage presence when and if I hopefully get to compete one day.

11 ) What are the major differences between fitness modelling and being a model here in Ireland ?

Model and fitness modeling can be similar in the sense that all models need to eat clean and work for their desired body. They over- lap in the way in which there are competitions too. The models in Ireland are not expected to be as tiny as those in Milan or Paris which is the way it should be, I think
however with fitness modeling there is a demand for a different type of physique. There is more emphasis on a lean body, one that is conditioned and nourished. There is a greater focus on certain muscles and their development and there is a lot more room for a bit of a bootay;).

12 ) What is it about fitness modelling that interests you ?

I am an extremely active person who is a health and fitness fanatic (if you haven’t guessed already) so I could translate that into a field such as fitness modeling. I also really enjoy a challenge and this certainly is one! Already I have been put to the test and I have only started working with Matt two weeks! I really have so much respect and admiration for those who have chosen this way of life. Going to the gym day in, day out and trying to push yourself that bit harder each time really isn’t easy. Not to mention the focus one needs to have in relation to a good diet. It takes a lot of courage, discipline and motivation.

13 ) Who is your fitspiration and why ?

I am slightly obsessed with this Australian fitness model called Emily Skye. I have been following her Instagram account and I think she is unreal! She covers everything from workouts to food and she seems like she has her head well screwed on. She has a great stomach too which I wouldn't mind having myself. She has a great body.

14 ) Have you a favourite healthy recipe you could share with Bikinibrawn readers ?

As my nickname suggests, I have a terrible sweet tooth! I recently came across a recipe which combines my two favourite foods; chocolate and peanutbutter. It is so simple that it is just begging you to make it and it is of course healthy too ;)

Peanut butter Delights

200g 85% chocolate
1 tablespoon of agave
4 large tbs of peanutbutter (can vary depending on the amount of filling you want).
1) Melt half of the chocolate and pour some into muffin cases, just enough so that the chocolate lines the bottom of the case. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes.
2) Mix the pb and agave together and remove the chocolate from the freezer (once the 10mins are up).
3) Cover the chocolate with a layer of the pb mixture.
4) Melt the rest of the chocolate and cover the pb layer with it.
5) Leave it in the freezer for another 30mins and voila! Delish!

15 ) What is your typical diet at the moment ie breakfast lunch dinner etc ?

I am currently on a detox diet which means that I am eating green veg/cauliflower/mushrooms/ onions with either beef/poultry/ fish and scrambled eggs in the morning. Lunch and dinner are the same with the exception of the eggs. I try to change both the meat and veg as much as possible and I also add
spices to keep the flavors interesting. I will add avocado or seeds to my dishes too or even sometimes a little bit of pesto. I will have berries/nuts or a Quest bar as snacks as well. After a basketball session it is important that I restore my glycogen levels as it can be quite demanding aerobically. Therefore I will have porridge made with water and some milk, some cinnamon, banana/berries and some Linseed. I also have a whey shake after each time I train. I am allowed a little bit of dark chocolate (85%) each week to keep me saneJ. Once this is finished I will start carb cycling and introducing more veg and fruits to my diet.

16 ) What is your workout schedule like at the moment and are you finding it hard to transition ?

I train 3 times a week for basketball (2hour sessions each time) with one game on most weekends. I have two programs that Matt has made for me which I am to do twice each, every week. However my body does not have enough time to repair if I have a game so I sometimes can only get 3 weights sessions in. Basketball season is nearly over so the amount of times I hit the gym will be increasing. I started lifting weights last summer however Matt has introduced me to a whole new range of exercises and type of training. I am two weeks in and already it has been tough both physically and mentally but I am definitely enjoying the challenge. Plus I feel unreal after a good lifting session!:)

17 ) You have also set up a facebook page to track your progress and get people involved , what were your reasons for that and have you had a good response ?

I set up a Facebook page called ‘KMD-The Journey’ which will monitor my progress over the next few months with regards to achieving my goal. I wanted to give people an honest account of my highs and lows to show that we all have our ups and downs but we are all capable of coming out the other side. I realize that my goals are far from those of others but I thought it might help others embark on their personal journeys if they see that they are not alone and that hard work can and will pay off. We also always get to see the ‘end result’ so I thought it would be good to demonstrate all of the little niggly bits from start to end. Technically I am a fit and strong woman however the program Matt has put me on has been very difficult as it is very different to my normal work out. I post all of my meals on the page, as well as some workout videos and meal suggestions to try and help everyone along. I have been overwhelmed with the positive support I have received so far. You guys really keep me motivated and help me rise above the times where I find I am struggling. So thank you all who have followed me so far.

Check out Kate's progress photos that she includes on her Facebook page KMD - The journey 

18 ) What advice would you give to a women or girls, suffering with self esteem issues relating to her body or image ?

This is a tough one as we are all so different. I have been through many times where my own self -confidence has been at an all-time low when it comes to my appearance. I have learned and sometimes I know it is easier said than done, but talking to your closest friends or family really helps. You can be so cruel and hard on yourself so a lot of the time you are painting a distorted image of yourself. It is good to talk to people who care about you because they will tell you the truth and set you straight or offer you a solution. As cliche as it sounds, we are all beautiful and we have so much to bring to the table. It is important to always remember that. You don’t always need to be everyone’s cup of tea.

19 ) What are your top five tips for getting started on a healthy & fit path ?

1) Set realistic goals - Baby steps are key because slowly things will become a habit rather than a chore and you can keep progressing.
2) Get a gym/ work out buddy – It helps so much if you are starting a new way of life with someone else. You can encourage each other and stay focused and motivated together.
3) Expect a challenge – It won’t be easy. You will have your ups and downs but push through, you’ll love what is at the other end.
4) Your diet is so important – If you eat clean, you will see the benefits so much quicker and you will feel amazing too!
5) Stay POSITIVE – You started this new path for a reason and a great reason at that. You will have tough times but you will overcome them and come out the better for it!

20 ) What foods do you tend to avoid ?

I will always avoid highly processed foods, so foods where sugar is their main ingredients or that have a lot of preservatives. Having said that I don’t mind a few jellies and milk chocolate if they are going now and again but I really do try and limit them as much as possible. I am also now enjoying treats that are more along the line of the peanut butter cups I posted above or Quest bars. I am so busy with college and sport that I don’t have the most riveting social life so alcohol isn’t too much of an issue for me but I like to limit when and how often I drink also (I hate the way it messes up the next day and it can make all your hard work almost counterproductive if you are not careful!).

So why not follow Kate's journey ?

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Also check out the man behind Kate's training and diet 

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Forget detox its all about the teatox

We are always on the look out for new weight loss trends and i have no doubt that this is going to be a very big one. Especially among us Irish folk, who love a good cuppa tea. They call it the teatox for weight loss, a product brought to you by Bootea Uk. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to try out their 14 day teatox. The 14 day teatox includes two packets, one day time teatox and one night time teatox. I found it really easy to follow the instructions

- One Day time tea, every morning 
  pour hot water over the bootea daytime teabag leave to 
  infuse for about 5 minutes and sip away

- Every second evening have one bedtime cleanse tea
  Follow same instructions as above to make

So why should i take Bootea ??

- Natural weight loss aid 
- Reduce bloating
- Reduce fluid retention 
- Cleanse & detox the digestive system
- Regulate blood sugars 
- Increased metabolism 
- Improve skin health
- Assisting you in reaching your weight loss goals 
- Help you sleep

Is Bootea a natural product and does Bikinibrawn recommend it ? 

Bikinibrawn highly recommends Bootea. We genuinely noticed a difference after the 14 day teatox. Personally i found it aided digestion most of all and reduced bloating.
We think this is an amazing product that people should add into their healthy diet plan. If you check out the Bootea Twitter page you will be blown away by the results people are getting with the product. Obviously i am on a very strict diet already, but again i found it really helped with digestion. Which is crucial for weight loss and also helps with energy.

Bootea is made of 100% natural ingredients including

Chinese Oolong tea, 
Maté leaves 
Ginger root 
Fennel seeds
Dandelion leaf
Ginseng root
Gotu Kola leaves
Nettle leaves

Senna leaves
Peppermint leaves
Fenugreek seeds
Liquorice root
Burdock root
Hawthorn leaves
Valerian root
Psyllium seeds.

Interested in buying Bootea press the link below !
For the 14 day teatox you are looking at £19.99.
They also sell separate day time and night time 
packets, as well as a 28 day teatox, for those who 
really love the product 

Buy bootea 14 day teatox

Are you interested in Bootea, leave a comment below and tell us why ?

Kelly D xx

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Shock Absorber

We never think of why we actually wear sports bra's, well in my case anyway i don't. I am usually more concerned about the colour and the brand rather than its major purpose. It really is something we don't take into consideration enough, whether your an A cup to an F cup. 44% of women who exercise regularly do not wear sports bra's, which i think is mind blowing. We are so aware of safety and support when it comes to our footwear and also about looking after our back.
Is it time we started looking after our lady lumps ?

Here are reason why you should be wearing high quality sports bra's !

1) Support.
It is important to have support, whether your running or hitting the gym. It is also crucial to make sure your sports bra is a perfect fit just like a standard bra. Having the extra support can add extra comfort and also help flatten the size of larger breasts , which can be hugely beneficial when it comes to physical activity.

2) So the puppies don't bounce.
As funny as it sounds it really is a reality. There is nothing more uncomfortable and nothing more unattractive then uncontrollable bouncing boobies. You will also find yourself distracting a lot of other people in the meantime. Breasts can move up to 14cm during exercise, those with A cups can even expect theirs to bounce up to 14mm. 

3) It can damage you're body
Yes going free and loose can lead to long term breast damage. that also applies to those with smaller cup sizes. You can still damage you're breasts, even if you have not experienced pain or discomfort. So be responsible

4) Keep us cool 
Most high quality sports bra's are made with soft cotton, breathable materials. Meaning keeping you cool and also limiting sweat around the breast area, which can be very annoying and uncomfortable. 


So where do we look for high quality, scientifically proven sports bra's, that are also stylish. A really great range that i highly recommend is the Shock Absorber sports bra. A really great range, which suits all needs and sports. The shock absorber sports bra has been proven to reduce breast movement by up to 78%.  The material is also made with a quick dry material which regulates the bodies temperature, making it much easier and more comfortable to workout .The shock absorber also promises to keep you dry, fresh and airy during your training , which i can guarantee.  Just like any high quality every day bra, the more you spend the better the quality and of course the more durable. You are looking at between 40 euro - 50 euro for your very own shock absorber bra. The best news is that they are now widely available in Irish stores, including Debenhams, Arnotts, Lifestyle sports, Elverys and Littlwoods. 

Rocking my Shock Absorber and showing off all my booty work haha

For more information on the Shock Absorber range, check out the website here

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Kelly's Tomatoe & ginger meatballs

Eating healthy can become very monotonous and boring. I myself fall into the trap of cooking from convenience, usually leading to me eating nothing but chicken, sweet potatoe and broccoli. Let's be fair, its hardly exciting. The reality is that there are so many Delicious recipes available to cook that will still fit into your clean diet. with just a little bit of effort and very little time you can create a flavorsome dish, that you will be proud of. My turkey meatballs in a ginger & tomatoe sauce is just that, a healthy dish that i am proud of. 

Ingredients :

Meatballs :
400g Turkey mince 
1 Onion / spring onion
1 clove of garlic 
handful porridge oats 
2 egg whites 

Sauce :
1 knob fresh ginger 
4 cloves garlic ( depending on love of garlic)
fresh thyme
1 stick celery
400g/ variety of tomatoes
300g water 

Sides of choice :
Brown rice / lettuce / cous cous / veg 


           Chop vegetables ie onion, garlic & celery.
             Finely chop everything or alternatively blend

Either use a non stick pot or add a tiny spoon of olive oil to pan. Caramelize the onions, celery and garlic. Do not allow to burn 

Here are the three varieties of tomatoes i included. I actually only used half of these, so plan on making a tomoatoe soup from the remaining tomatoes. 

Chop tomatoes 

Add the tomatoes to the pot and allow to cook for 10 minutes on a low heat, tomatoes become soft. 

Add your fresh thyme and water to the mixture as well as the ginger ( I always grate ginger as i think it releases the flavour better ) 

Allow to stew and reduce for 40 minutes on a low heat 

Turkey Meatballs 

Chop your garlic and onions again for the turkey mixture. Feel free to add more ginger if you are partial, not necessary. Combine the turkey mine, onions and garlic together. The mice tends to be very stringy in the pack so its necessary to break up with a fork or spoon.

Add a handful of porridge oats and the egg whites to the mixture, this helps bond the ingredients together. Again mix the remaining items together until theres an even distribution of everything in the mince.   

                   The mixture makes a total of 12 medium sized meatballs, they actually look quite small in the photo but were actually quite big. I usually roll the balls out using my hands , as its easiest. 

    The meatballs cook very quickly , 10 minutes max at 160 * allow them to just brown all over and then to finish cooking in the sauce. 

    Combine the sauce and meatablls and cook for a further 25 minutes in the oven. 

                                 And enjoy 

Snookie looks incredible

We all know snookie from her outrageous antics on MTV's hit reality show 'Jersey shore'. 

The infectious character always found herself in drunken arguments and situations, which we all remember her for. We don't however remember her for her healthy food choices or grueling workouts, but it turns out the star has made that transition. After the birth of her son, she decided to get back into shape, loosing an amazing 3 stone. As you can see from the photographs snookie looks beyond amazing. After 11 hard motnhs of working out five days a week the star is thrilled to be down to 96 pounds , especially of the fact she is only 4'9 in height. She included weight training, cardio sessions, zumba and plyometrics as well as a clean diet of protein and vegetables. The star also admitted a lot of her weight was down to alcohol consumption, which she now cuts out. Snookie has really turned her life around and feels better than ever. She also wants to set a good example to her son by living a fit and healthy life. Her current goal is to gain more muscle and sustain her new healthy body.
A huge congratulations from Bikinibrawn to snookie on her brand new body and we hope she continues to promote living a healthy lifestyle.

   Whats your verdict on snookie's new body ? 

The arnold classic Bikinibrawn predictions

We are very excited to be kicking off 2014 competition season with the Arnold classic. With only eight days left until the competition, we are getting fairly pumped up about the show. 2013 was an exciting year for the Bikini category , India Paulino from Florida grabbing herself the gold at last years Arnold and our girl Nathalia Melo walking away with second. After a disappointing result at the Olympia, we have no doubt Nathalia is going to be bringing a serious package to the first of this years competitions. The question is will new face Ashley Kaltwasser swoop in for gold yet again. Miss Kaltwasser has had a seriously successful 2013, winning either first or second place in all her shows. We will be doing a live commentary throughout the show, we hope you will get involved on our social media pages and share your opinions.

Check out our predictions :

First place Ashley Kaltwasser

Second place : Nathalia Melo 

Third place : India Paulino 

What are your predictions, leave a comment below ??

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Adidas & Topshop join forces for spring/summer 2014

We are thrilled to hear sports style is making its way into the highstreet, with a collaboration between sportswear giants Adidas and topshop. The collection is set to have twenty stunning pieces, bringing both style and functionality together for a really cool overall look. You can expect slim fitting leggings, vest tops, and trainers in a variety of colours and patterns. The collection will still have a classic topshop look, staying feminine and on trend. You don't need to be a fitness freak to wear this range, pieces that can easily be worn and worked into your everyday style. Topshops creative director describes the collection as a feminine take on sportswear which can be worn for both fashion and performance. Unfortunately we have to wait until march to get our hands on the pieces.  

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Brand new online Chat show 'Post workout'

I have been very busy behind the seasons working on some new projects for Bikinibrawn, one of them being my brand new online chat show 'Post Workout'. Which i am very excited to announce the first episode will be launched in the next two weeks. The fitness scene in Ireland is growing at a rapid speed, with more men and women making fitness & health a part of their everyday lifestyles. Lifting weights and eating protein seems to be getting less daunting and everyone is joining the strong vs skinny club, which is amazing. Postwokout is a show that aims to do exactly that, making fitness, training and diets more normal, less scary and more achievable. The Collaboration between Bikinibrawn and Irishmuscle will see us meeting some very exciting individuals in the fitness industry, and chatting to them like never seen before. Our first guest International Bikini queen Nathalia Melo chats to us ahead of the Arnold classic which takes place in less than three weeks. This is a must watch for fitness nuts !

Check out the trailer on the Bikinibrawn social media pages ie Facebook & Twitter 

Are you guys excited because we are ?

Kelly D 

Rachel Fredericksons dramatic weight loss and wins the biggest loser title !

I have to say the Biggest loser is one of my all time favourite shows, whether its the american version or the Australian. Nothing gets me more excited about getting healthy, than inspirational shows of this nature, you don't need to be a size 22 or over to relate to the Biggest loser. The reason i love these shows is because they are all about self improvement, motivation, battling your flaws and achieving greatness. I think everyone can relate or admire all of those things, hence me being a big fan of the show. The current season of The biggest loser US has just ended with a huge bang and with a lot of controversy. It is causing quite a stir in the states and not surprisingly on social media. Winner of this season, Rachel Frederickson pulled out all the stops to get her hands on the title, as well as the huge cash prize. Speculation has mounted that Rachel is now suffering with an eating disorder and has gone to far. Rachel started her biggest looser journey at 260 pounds/19 stone and ended her journey at 105 pounds/7.5 stone. 


The entire biggest loser team were shocked, including head trainer bob barker 'The Biggest Loser" since 2004, said the weight-loss competition has never had a winner who weighed so little. "I was stunned," he said. "We've never had a contestant at 105 pounds.
The 5'4 winner admits to pushing herself harder than she has ever pushed, just to be in with a chance of winning. She also goes on to say her regime wont be as strict now that that the competition is over. Ahead of the final she trained from 10am until 2am everyday and ate a strict diet of 1600 calories, just to be in with a chance of getting the gold. 
"I was very enthusiastic about the finale and I'm really excited about my life here going into maintenance mode," she reiterated. "I'm going to try new exercises and continue on this path and see where it takes me—finding that balance!"

What is your verdict on Rachel's transformation ? Do you think she pulled out all the stops to win or has she gone to far. We would also love to hear what your favourite fitness shows are, all you have to do is leave a comment below 

Kelly D xx