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The Slendertone Abs Belt

It has been a brand that has been around for quite some time, the name is well known both here in Ireland and Internationally. 
The big question about Slendertone and Slendertone products is if they really work and are they worth the money. The company was founded and developed here in Ireland in Galway, which like me i am sure you will find very surprising. Slendertone has been around for Fifty years and have sold an unbelievable 6.1 million products. All of their products are approved by the European medical device directive. Slendertone also holds many awards including The Irish consumer goods export award in 2005, which i thought was very relevant. The company have been manufacturing & developing electronic muscle stimulation for over fifty years and their latest creation is called the slendertone face, which fights wrinkles and the signs of ageing. The Slendertone face is gaining huge popularity Internationally and in press, having won awards with Elle Beauty 2010, Harpers Bazaar Editors choice, Pure beauty awards 2010 and many more. 

I was thrilled to be sent the Slendetone belt just over two weeks ago, so that i could put slendertone to the test. After reading up on the technical side of the product, i was definitely impressed and eager to try it out.  I decided to follow the instructions, which might i add i rarely do with anything. They offer a very informative booklet that shows you how to use it, how it works and also the
slendertone challenge. The Challenge is for thirty days, so i decided i would follow it to a tea. You must wear the belt five days a week for four weeks. I am currently coming into my third week of this plan. It is well known the only way to a perfect six pack and core is by eating a balanced, healthy diet. If your muscles are surrounded by fat , it is going to be fairly hard to find those muscles even with electrical stimulation. If i am being really honest, i was really skeptical about the Belt. My current diet still includes White potaotes and Brown bread and i also don't train abs any day of the week. With that being said, i am still somehow managing to look more toned and tighter around the stomach area, and it genuinely can only be down to one thing 'The Slendertone Abs belt'. I usually only start to get really trim around the core when i cut out Potatoes and Breads, so after three weeks of use i am definitely convinced.

I also wanted to include how convenient the belt is, i usually strap it on watching the TV in the evenings. The levels and intensities can be modified to suit each individual, i tried to increase mine with every use. Even when i use the Maximum intensity i was still able to chill out and continue with life. 

Slendetone also have a range of other products including The slendertone Face, The slendertone Bottom and The slendertone arms. So whatever your problem area, slendertone have a solution. They also do great deals ie a couples package and discounts.

Week two and three below after using Slendertone.
Highly recommend this product along side a nutritious, balanced diet. Also recommend for fitness lovers who are looking for an extra kick 

The Science for those of you who are interested :

The muscles at the front of your abdomen comprise the internal and external obliques, transversus and rectus abdominus. Core stability training emphasises the importance of activating both sets of obliques and the travsversus abdominus which, in combination with the gluteal and lower back muscles, can act as an effective support or 'brace' to the lumbar spine when a movement is being performed. Current thinking amongst researchers is that regular training of these muscles can play an important role in the prevention of incidence, and reoccurrence, of lower back pain. Moreover, core stability training can enhance the performance of people of all ages and their abilities to carry out both everyday tasks and more athletic endeavours. The role of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), as applied through the use of Slendertone System Abs Female, produces safe and effective contractions of the muscles of the anterior abdomen. This has been well established in clinical research and can make an important contribution to an effective core strengthening programme.

Celebrities who love Slendertone 
I'm a celebrity star miss Amy Willerton

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