Monday, 9 September 2013

Something 'bout these little pills

         Why should we be popping Pills ?

You may think i am a bit of a weirdo when i say this, but when i start a new fitness/diet plan the sheer excitement of buying a bulk amount of vitamins and supplements gets me so excited and motivated. I love the colourful, shiny packaging sitting in my kitchen reminding me every morning of my fitness venture. Let alone the health benefits.
It is One hundred percent true that the best nutrients we can take in, comes from the food that we eat. Due to the growing amount of over processed foods, use of pesticides and preservatives its becoming more difficult to take in enough goodness and nutrients for our body, let alone for maximum results. Taking Vitamins and Supplements can increase your results whether its trying to loose fat, gain muscle or tone up. Taking high quality, High potency products can help you achieve the best cellular conditions to help you grow and change. Its important to remember you don't need to be an athlete, bodybuilder or on a diet to be taking Vitamins or supplements, Your body needs them everyday to function.
Now you might ask, what ones do i take. There are so many types, brands and costs.

Here is Kelly's Low down, Like promised i am only going to be discussing Items i have tried and tested myself. 


I have included two brands that i thought were equally as good as each other Solgar's Female Multiple and Viridian's Multivitamin & Mineral. You can find both brands from your local health store. I think Multivitamins are one of the most important pills you should be popping , I take these even when i am not doing an intense programme.

Omega 3's / Fish Oils 

These little guys are essential. I have tried a couple of different brands including general health food store brands and some from online nutrition company's.
It is important to include fats in your diet  to maintain a healthy brain and heart, they are also essential in sports and performance supplying your body with energy and also giving you better hair and skin. Having tried several brands i would STRONGLY recommend buying a good quality Fish Oil, I am currently taking 'Super Omega 3' i had previous issues with cheaper qualities brands like Holland and Barrett's 'Omega 3 Fish oil'.  I suffer with Eczema and after two weeks of using them i was covered in a rash. Also a point to make is that cost doesn't suggest good or bad quality , My Protein's only cost £12.99 and were delivered in two days. 

Above : My Protein ' Super Omega 3'

Holland and Barrett 'Omega3 Fish Oil'
Don't recommend if you have Eczema / My sister & Brother take them now with no skin issues.

Vitamin B 

I have included two products below that i like. My Protein 'Vitamin B5 Powder' and Holland & Barrett 'Complete B' . Vitamin B is essential when you are training to help with energy, i would recommend taking Vitamin B if you are not regularly exercising. 

Holland and Barrett 'Complete B'
Also states on their website that this product is a 'Customer Favourite ' 

This is a great option for people who struggle taking Tablets. My Protein also do
other types of Vitamins & Supplements in Powder form, Check out the Link Below.

Other vitamins to consider which i will review at a later date, Iron, Magnesium, Bcaa's etc. The Majority of my supplements and vitamins will be coming from Titan Nutrition Ireland over the next eight months. Some of his major brands include Maxxwin and Scitec Nutrition , which i am super excited to try and review. In the mean time check out both their websites. They are both HUGE brands in europe so it will be interesting to see the results and the differences from nutrition company quality and health food store quality, or will there even be a difference. 

Scitec Nutrition :

Maxxwin Nutrition

You can buy both above brands directly from Titan Nutrition Ireland 

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