Sunday, 10 November 2013

Jump Jump Jump


Explosive, Strength, Endurance and Power an exercise technique that promises to build up your fitness and strength to new levels. Plyometrics a jumping/ Shock style sport traced fourty years ago to the Russians who used Plyometrics to improve the stamina, Power and strength of their Olympic athletes. In my opinion it is one of the most exhausting styles of exercise out there but a serious workout none the less .

Benefits :

Improve coordination
Improve reaction response
Higher levels of endurance
Increase in Stamina
Increase in fitness levels
High levels of fat loss
A style that suits all levels of fitness from beginner to expert

Your best friend in Plyo, you can also improvise and use items from home or outdoors

The Basic Moves, Why not include these in one of your cardio workouts !
I promise this will be one of the most intense workouts you will try and i also promise a lot of calorie burning.

           The Front Box Jump

      Fast skipping (Run High knees)

          Double leg Butt Kick

         Lateral jumps / Bounds 
        ( Jump to side to side )

                                          Knee tuck jump

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