Thursday, 28 November 2013

You are what you eat !

Yes it is so very true that you are what you eat and unfortunately convenience and laziness comes with a price. You may think the microwave is a god send when it comes to reheating meals or preparing a quick dinner. I honestly cant stress enough the importance of cooking meals from scratch or at least in the oven. In short terms the microwave works on a basis of exciting food through electric currents which creates heat. This basically means the food is being subjected to radiation and that changes the molecular structure of the food, which means the food you have put in whether healthy or not is coming out a completely different thing altogether. It strips away all nutrients and vitamins , so if you think you are super healthy using a microwave forget about it. Scientists have linked the Microwave with many forms of cancer, Diabetes, Anemia, Nutrient loss and food damage and higher cholesterol levels, meaning damage to the body. The microwave is just like smoking, People are aware of the dangers and health risks but continue to do so out of habit and in the case of the microwave convenience. Scientists have proven the dangerous of Microwave use and if you are trying to live a healthy, fit lifestyle than scrap the Microwave. There are so many other options for cooking Steamer, Grill, Oven, Hot water or pan. It is also crucial as a mother to not heat you're baby bottles in a microwave the combination of plastic and radiation is very unhealthy.

Being healthy is about being proactive and the Microwave is the furthest thing from Proactive, Think fresh think organic and think home made.

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Kelly D 


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