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Exclusive Interview with Teodora Sutra Irish High fashion model

Irish Model Teodora kindly took the time to speak to us, She is a huge fitness lover and is regularly seen on social media posting about healthy food or her workouts. Originally from Riga in Latvia Teodora has had a long successful career in Modelling, she is elegant, Fit, Young and beautiful and an amazing role model. You may have seen her as the Face of many Dunnes stores campaigns or strutting her stuff for Brown Thomas. The 1st Options beauty has an amazing outlook on health and fitness and i think its a really great interview, what really got my attention was how bright and colourful her Instagram page was, Filled with a rainbow of Fruits, Green vegetables and bright fun workout photos a social media page that screams young fun and uber Healthy.
Make sure to follow Teodora , She will no doubt motivate and inspire you to eat clean and to get your butt moving, all of her links will be below. 

Name : Teodora Sutra
Age : 22 (23 next week)
City : Dublin
Occupation : Model
Favourite beauty Product : Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream 
Your guilty pleasure : chocolate
Biggest Fear : creepy crawleys, no matter how small!

Hi Teodora. A huge thank you for speaking to BikiniBrawn. As one of Ireland's busiest Models how do you balance a healthy lifestyle with a hectic Model schedule ? 

 Plan ahead!! if i know i have a show on tomorrow and i won't get the chance to go get proper food i always bring a lunchbox of nuts & seeds with me. Also some fruit like apples & a banana so that I'm kept going during the day and don't feel the need to eat crap food! :) most days id prepare my own lunch too, so maybe some steamed veg with chicken or a salad with loads of fresh veg & some kind of fish. it can all be done the evening before so no excuses!! :)

Do you find there is a lot of pressure to be Thin and healthy in the Modelling industry or do you see it as a positive ?

I think as a model you have to be slim! But in Ireland i have never felt pressured to loose weight! I find that clients prefer a model to look fit & healthy rather then anorexic! If you get skinny the unhealthy way by dieting or just not eating it will show on your skin (i.e. pimples, wrinkles all in all really unhealthy skin!!) A good modelling agency will always advise you to get into shape the healthy way by exercising and eating nutritious food!

 What are you're Top  tips for staying healthy ? 

1. Exercise you will feel great and have more energy everyday, Better sleep and clearer skin.

2.   Eat plenty of green vegetables not only are they super nutritious but also SUPER low in calories, so you can eat as much as you like without worrying      

3. Get plenty of sleep every night, best sleep is from 10pm-2pm so try get to bed early! And don't feel bad having latelie ins on weekends or when you get the chance! Sleep really is the best medicine! 
4. Use stairs whenever you can instead of elevators! you burn around 102 calories walking up and down stairs, you wouldn't think its that much would you!! :)

5. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, if you think its too boring to drink plain water try adding some lemon, mint or cucumber to your water to enhance the flavour! Coconut water is my favourite thing to drink to stay hydrated! 
6. Use the sauna at least once a month, i use it once a week.Its great for blood circulation, improves your immune system & is great for removing toxins from your body! also if i am stiff after the gym it is great for pain relief for my muscles & joints.

7. Eat plenty of fresh fruit. Try eat the fruit that are in season. 

How many times a week do you exercise and what would a typical workout consist of ?

I try workout 3-4 times per week. usually id start off with 15 minutes warm-up on cross trainer or stair master then id do weights and finish with abdominal workout. if I train in my boyfriends studio Zest Fitness he usually does up a fun workout which includes boxing, battle ropes, trx etc. 

Did you learn any tips over you're years of modelling that you could share with our readers ?   

Take good care of your skin!! it is so important. moisturize your skin at least twice a day. also make sure to use the right skincare for your age! don't use anti ageing products unless u are over 30. teenagers should use the right skincare for their age & skin. i love La Roche Posay products because they are perfume free, and made for all skin problems, i.e. eczema, allergies etc.                                                        

What is your health food addiction ? 

I love avocado's & fruit! I'm pretty sure i eat far too much of both!! :)

Do you have a favourite recipe that you could share with BikiniBrawn ? 

My favourite is protein pancakes, or porridge pancakes! so add a scoop of your favourite protein powder into a blender with 2 egg whites, dash of dairy free milk (almond,soy,rice) and blend. cook with coconut oil. add honey on top after to sweeten, or u can use porridge oats instead of protein powder. so tasty,  i don't know why people use flour at all these days!

What is a typical daily meal plan for you ?
Breakfast usually id eat porridge pancakes or scrambled eggs.lunch is a salad with chicken or fish & maybe cous cous. and dinner is steamed veg with either chicken or fish. and throughout the day i snack on lots of nuts & seeds, fruit & cottage cheese. i love dark chocolate too as a snack!

Having a boyfriend who is a personal trainer and who also owns his own training facility. Do you think this helps you stay in shape and do you motivate each other . 

It definitely helps, we do motivate each other. when i beg him to bring me home a huuuuuuge chocolate bar, he doesn't & vice versa!!! ;) we train together in zest quiet a bit, he is such a busy trainer that somedays that is the only time we have together during the day, when we train!

What advise would you give to young girls or women suffering with self esteem issues possibly related to their health and Body ?

These days with magazines & tv shows promoting stick thin models i can see why girls might be self conscious if they don't match up. But what these girls have to realise is that most of them are photoshopped, nobody is that perfect! you have to learn to love your body! if you have curves , embrace them!! find what your best asset is and flaunt it in a way that will make you feel amazing!! Dressing for your shape & size is so important!

Are there any food groups you avoid or do you have a little bit of everything ?

I try avoid gluten & wheat! as I'm intolerant. but the odd time when i want a slice or two of brown bread with my soup i let myself have it. same goes with chocolate and sweet treats. if i have been good all week and i want to have a Saturday night of eating galaxy chocolate & Ben & Jerry's i allow myself. its important not to be too strict on yourself! 

Is your diet and Fitness regime a constant or do you work extra hard when you know you have a big shoot coming up and how would you prepare ? 

I try keep it constant. i don't do the crazy diets before shoots. if there is a swimwear job, i try drink cumin tea for two days prior, it is very good for bloated tummies. i love my herbal teas :)

Who is your Fitness inspiration ? 

Candice Swanepoel , she is super fit!

Do you take any Vitamins/ Supplements or Proteins if so what brands do you use and do you
Have a favourite product ? I drink spirulina supplement & b vitamin complex! spirulina is amazing, it gives me lots of energy!! 

Spirulina Powder : 16.69 euro from Holland and Barrett 

Living a fit and healthy life consistently is very tough have had any bad falls and how did you pick yourself back up ?

I have some weeks where i am just too tired for the gym because of work etc, but then when i get the energy again i just start going again! 

Would love to hear what you all thought about my interview with Teo ? Leave a comment below if you have any questions .

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