Wednesday, 11 December 2013

She's Back

The one and Only Kim Kardashian is back to her curvy best ONLY six months after giving birth to her baby North west. The 33 year old strips down to with US weekly in an exclusive photoshoot and interview to show off all her hard work and of course spill the beans on her experience with haters. The Reality TV star has lost over four stone through grueling daily workouts with her personal trainer and a strict diet helped out of course by her personal chef. Friends of Kim admitted she even brought her Trainer and chef when travelling abroad as she was so focused on loosing the weight. Kim has revealed she is back to her confident self and her weight loss is a big middle finger to everyone who had anything negative to say during her pregnancy. Kim K still wants to tone up and will continue her training but is thrilled to be back in a Bikini.


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Kelly D 


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