Monday, 16 December 2013

The Bum files

                      The Bum files 

Some random facts about the Bum !! 

Fat in your Bum has been scientifically proven to have a lower metabolic rate than abdominal fat. Its has also been known to be protective 

Your glutes are the biggest muscle group in your body and also the most powerful 

The bum came in eight place for most starred at bodypart by men, Eyes came first ! 

The gluteus maximus is the muscle that allows us to walk and run upright 

In ancient Greece women with shapely bottoms were seen as ambassadors to the gods 

Of all body parts, women have been known to appreciate compliments about their bums more than any other feature 

It has been proven that the glutes are hugely affected by genes 

Most effective bum workouts 

Weighted walking lunges
Kick backs using cable machine
Barbell hip thrust 
Stiff legged dead lifts 
Bent knee donkey kicks 
The Glute machine 
Split squat 
Hamstring curl machine 

Bum nutrition 

- Sugar and Junk food are a no no
- Drink over 2 liters of water a day, will help with tightening the skin, improving skin quality and increasing circulation of blood around the glutes
- Increase amount of protein in your diet
Increase the amount of Green vegetables in your diet

Happy squatting Bikinibrawn readers.

Kelly D

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