Friday, 13 December 2013

Your shopping list

Your shopping list. 
Here is a rough guide to what a healthy shopping trolley should look like.Being healthy is all about preparation and organisation, so you should have your fridge filled with all of these healthy foods below. If your food diary doesn't look similar to this, then you are way off ! Most people are totally unaware of the toxic foods they are putting into their bodies, and funny enough some people think some of them are healthy.

Things to avoid :

Cereal Bars
Juices of all kind (unless homemade)
Smoothies of all kind (Unless homemade)
Low fat products
Bread of all kind (except spelt)
No wraps, Paninis, bagels 
Processed/prepacked meats
Junk food and Takeaway food

Think fresh, Think clean and try organic !!


- Porridge oats
- Brown Rice
- Quinoa
- Sweet potatoe
- Nut butters(No sugar, No salt)
- Nuts 
- Spelt bread (Very sparingly) 


- Chickpeas
- Soy beans,Legumes,Kidney beans etc
- Protein shakes
- Chicken
- Turkey
- Eggs
- Salmon / Cod etc 
- Tune (Not in oil)
- Greek yogurt (sparingly)
- Cottage cheese (sparingly)
- Red meat

Oils and fats

- Olive Oil
- Coconut oil
- Nuts and seeds (Also carb think sparingly ) 
- Avocado 


- Bananas
- All other fruits (sparingly)
- Dark organic choclate (Very sparingly) 

Seasoning and Flavour 

- Cinnamon 
- Garlic
- Paprika 
- Chilli flakes
- Cayenne pepper 
- Ginger
- Safron
- Herbs ( fresh and dry ) 
- Pepper   


- Broccoli 
- Asparagus
- Brussels sprouts
- Onions
- Kale
- Spinach 
- Aubergine
- Butternut squash
- Peppers 
- Carrots
- Cabbage 
- Cauliflower 

I hope this helps give you a better idea of how to tackle your shopping and what kind of foods you should be buying. 

Kelly D xx

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