Friday, 3 January 2014

Better bodies with the Irish Muscle store

If you are like me, then you are always on the look out for brands of clothing that are a little bit different than the everyone else. I became aware of Better Bodies sportswear when i started following the bikini girls of the IFBB. I was totally blown away when i found it was for sale here in Ireland and also with a company who i have recently got to know 'Irish Muscle'. Not only are they the leading website and blog for Bodybuilding here in Ireland ,but they also have a full range of stock including international clothing brands, tanning products, Gym accessorize. A one stop shop for fitness enthusiasts and competitors.
I was blown away by the quick delivery time, literally receiving my package and cute gym gear the next day. Betterbodies is a brand worn by professional athletes and are made of a high quality, i would definitely consider it a luxury sportswear brand. Very cool and urban, which totally suits any serious lifter or gym goer.  Worn by Pro atheltes like Nathalia Melo, Tawna Eubanks, Adela garcia and many more. So if your looking for a functional, unusual, exciting international brand of clothing check out Better bodies with Irish Muscle. Oh i also wanted to stress that their range is very versatile, suiting all body shapes. You don't have to wear a crop top and shorts, there are leggings, trousers, hoodie's everything, so don't be turned off by the micro clothing heehee. 

Here is me showing off my Betterbodies piece from The Irish Muscle store

Below professional bikini babe Tawna Eubanks flaunting her Pink better bodies top and shorts for the cover of Fitness RX magazine. Oh and not to forget an amazing body ! 

Sponsored professional athletes Nathalia Melo and Tawna Eubanks looking fab in BetterBodies 

Official Irish Muscle store page : Brands like Betterbodies and many more available 

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Leave a comment below of you have any questions about the brand, again would love to hear some feedback.

Kelly x


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