Friday, 17 January 2014

Made in Chelsea's Binky catches up with Bikinibrawn & how Sunshimmer tan can make you look FIVE pounds lighter

I was very excited to get the opportunity to chat with reality TV star Alexandra Felstead aka Binky from the hit show Made in Chelsea, at an event last night in Dublin's Residence club celebrating the relaunch of Sunshimmer. 

Also might i throw in, that the event had an amazing array of delicious looking fingers foods, sweet and savoury and very appealing fruity cocktails, that i some how manged to say no to. Even at events i am sticking to my transformation plan. So i decided to keep myself distracted from all the goodies on offer, and grabbed Binky for a quick Q&A about her health and fitness.

I asked her what type of things she likes to do, to keep in shape and of course look good ' I am a member of the Equinox gym in London' Binky goes on to tell me how she is finding it more and more difficult to get to the gym, due to her busy schedule and her hectic travelling. She said she is very lucky to have a natural slim figure, and still always tries to be aware of her weight and her health. 'I drink a lot of water and green tea'. Binky also admitted that she loves her food and that she definitely indulged over Christmas, but is back on the straight and narrow since then. She also told me her biggest weakness is savoury foods, a bit like myself. ' I try and avoid carbs ' when i am eating healthy, i was very curious to see if she ate any healthy carb alternatives ' No i literally cut out all carbs, i find it the easiest way to shed pounds '. 

Well what ever Binky is doing it is definitely working for her. She really did look glowing and healthy at the Rimmel event last night, and as the new ambassador for Rimmel's sunshimmer she really showed of the importance of a good tan. Tan may seem totally of topic for Bikinibrawn, but in reality it is totally relevant. Tan is a well known to be one of the best instant slimming tools out there, no sweating in the gym, intense surgery options or dieting. The most important factor is that the tan should still look natural, therefore tricking people. The tan should be three shades darker than your own skin and applied evenly. It is well known by applying a good tan you can look 5 pounds lighter instantly. If you want to enhance on that, why not play around with highlighting and shadows, highlight areas like the collar bone, shoulders and the front of your shins. This will also make you look slimmer with out much effort at all. Why not try Rimmel's New sunshimmer, which comes in a waterproof version and a BB cream meaning extra coverage and more concealing heehee 

                The new Sunshimmer collection & packaging

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