Saturday, 25 January 2014

Roll it out

This cylindrical piece of foam may look insignificant it may also look like it has no place in a gym. The foam roller has gone from being a tool used by only professional athletes, coaches and chiropractors to appear as a common fitness essential. The technical term Self Myofascial release is when a person apply's pressure to a specific point, which will then stimulate the recovery of a muscle and assist in returning it to normality. Self Myofascial can be preformed using a foam roller, Lacrosse ball or even your own hands. Using these items will help smooth and lengthen your muscles it will also break up scar tissue and adhesion's. Foam rolling helps improve blood circulation which in turn speeds up recovery and will also boost performance.


- Boosts performance
- Speeds up recovery
- Increase in blood circulation
- Promotes cell growth and better organ function
- Better hair and skin from the increase in blood circulation
- Improve overall body function
- Inexpensive 
- Can be done at home 
- Improves brain function 
- Helps to reduce stress
- Improve flexibly and movement

How do i use a foam roller 

Ok so here is the tricky part. It is well known a short foam roller session can be quite painful, and sometimes uncomfortable. It is best done immediately after a workout and only a quick 5-10 roll is necessary. If you have been out for a long run, target your calves and quads. If you have done a weight training session targeting the back area then a 5-10 minute roll pinpointing this are is most beneficial. Also try incorporating stretching for maximum recovery. 

- Apply pressure to target / Sore area using bodyweight and the foam roller
- Always roll slowly
- When dealing with sore knots and areas, work the area slowly adding pressure for 5-30 seconds ( This may be sore ) and then releasing. Continue 2-3 times.
- Never roll on bones or joints
- For small fussy areas try using a tennis ball
- If the area is unworkable and unbearably painful, seek professional help

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Happy rolling Bikinibrawn readers

Kelly D xx

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