Friday, 31 January 2014

Presenter to Powerlifter

 We all know her from her glamorous job as an Xpose presenter with TV3 Ireland. Lisa is usually seen interviewing celebrities from all around the globe including stars like Orlando Bloom, Bon Jovi and one of my favourite's Henry Cavill. Miss cannon is leaving the red carpet behind for a grueling 16 week preparation for the power lifting championships which takes place here in Ireland on the 5th of April in Drogheda. 

Her preparation for the big show will all be recorded for a brand new documentary show, that will feature on TV3 in April. Over eight weeks Lisa will be filmed between training, diet and everything in between. Lisa has also revealed that lifting weights is totally new to her , so we are even more impressed that she is taking on such a big challenge. 

“I’m really looking forward to the challenge because this is something that it both physical and mental. I’m pushing myself beyond boundaries I’ve never felt or even known before. I’ve swapped the pints for the protein so it’s really a massive endeavor to get this project off the ground. I’ve never lifted weights before; I’m a complete novice so going to the Championships on the 5th of April is going to be a really good, exciting challenge in my life.”

Fingers crossed we will be able to get an exclusive interview with Lisa about how she's feeling about the competition, catch up with her about what she's eating and what her training is like. 
We have no doubts lisa is going to do an amazing job, we think its brilliant that people in the public eye are promoting weight lifting. It will no doubt motivate others to get active and even take up the sport. There is also no question her body transformation is going to be dramatic, and will impress hundreds. 

Whats your verdict on Lisa's New goal ? Do you think this is a positive show, that will promote weightlifting here in Ireland. Possibly make it less intimidating to women. Let us know your opinions  by leaving a comment below.

Kelly x

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