Sunday, 2 March 2014

Green tea, almond & vanilla protein pancakes

As bizarre as it sounds this has become one of my favourite morning recipes. It is super light and seriously satisfying. I was thinking of unusual ways to use green tea powder, and this is one i came up with. Adding the green tea in the morning gives you a real kick, green tea powder is renowned for its energy boosting qualities, as well as being a natural way to suppress cravings. I really like Matcha green tea as it is 100% Japanese organic green tea.

Ingredients :

Matcha Green tea powder
Vanilla protein powder ( I like Optimum Nutrition hydro whey )
100% Ground almonds
Liquid egg whites 

How to :

In a bowl add 1 scoop vanilla protein powder & 1 scoop ground almonds, To the mixture add a half a teaspoon of green tea powder.
Add roughly three egg whites to the mixture and stir

Heat a pan. I always use a non stick pan !
Add a dollop of mixture and allow to cook for a 1 minute roughly.
You will see bubbles appear then flip.

Easy !!

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