Thursday, 12 September 2013

Finding fitness

I was asked to write a blog on self esteem by a young lady on Facebook and i thought it would be a really nice topic to discuss, like promised all my articles are going to be one hundred percent Kelly and one hundred percent genuine. I think every single person in the world suffers with self esteem issues at some stage of their life and if they don't then i wouldn't consider them a very normal or well rounded person. To have self esteem issues is to be completely human, i grew up with a skin condition called eczema so that would be one element where i would have insecurities. 
Since becoming a fitness nut i have truly discovered a new confident element to my life. Exercise can give you such an amazing boost and make you feel like a brand new person. There is nothing inspiring about being average , and when you feel that way its hard to get inspired . 
It is proven that physical activity has an amazing impact on your self esteem so get up and get active .

Here is some pointers i think might help 

-  Replace Negative thoughts with positive thoughts  
- Try Yoga or meditating 
- If you are feeling down in yourself do something good for others, you will be surprised how much this will lift your thoughts and put life into perspective.
- Try routine or a new goal ( Like a six week body challenge )
- Eat more fatty Fish try salmon, tuna , Omega 3's . It has been proven to increase positive thinking and fight depression. 
- Take up a new class or activity, something completely different 
- Most importantly .... DO SOMETHING !! How can you expect to change anything when you do nothing 


  1. I also grew up with eczema but luckily it disappeared in my late teens / early 20's. Stressing out about it made it worse but when I got older and more confident I stopped letting it get me down. Maybe positive mental attitude caused it to disappear :)

  2. Hi Claire !

    Great news about your eczema, i think positive mental thinking is the cure for a lot of issues .

    Thanks for leaving a comment and sharing your story xx