Tuesday, 3 September 2013

High heels, Diamonds and dumbbells ???

High heels, Big hair, diamond encrusted jewellery, sexy bikinis, Hours in the gym, Food prepping, sweat, muscles ?????? I am sure your reading this and think some of these words do not belong together. In fact in the world of fitness all of these words have found a home and its called Bikini Bodybuilding. This post is for people who are still living in the past about weight lifting, and who think women who lift weights are all the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact these finally tuned athletes are some of the hottest women in the world, some people may still have negative comments to make possibly due to the stereotype of women who lift or maybe the dark tans which are a big part of bodybuilding shows. I decided to include some photos of two of my favourite professional bodybuilder women Miss Olympia 2012 Nathalia Melo and a new fav Anna Virmajoki who just won Miss Bikini Nordic Pro over the weekend. I thought it would be cool for you to see how feminine and curvy they are but both lift weights professionally. 
I am pretty excited as i am going to be dipping my toes in the world of Bikini bodybuilding in 2014, time to eat metal,
watch this space ........

                 Nathalia Melo / Miss Olympia 2012 

I really wanted to illustrate visually the look of a female in the weight lifting world, and as you can see from the below photos, there is a drastic change in appearance for a show and for everyday life. I actually got to meet nathalia recently here in Dublin at a workshop organised by Titan Nutrition Ireland. It was a real eye opener but also a serious motivator, these ladies move mountains and look amazing doing it.

              Anna Virmajoki / Miss Nordic Pro 2013

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