Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Kangoo Jumps is coming

This is a really interesting topic for me considering i have always been Pro weights over Cardio workouts in the past. I think i have finally found a style of fitness to change my mind, it's called Kangoo Jumps. It is something brand new and little bit quirky to the fitness scene here in Ireland.

I think the best way to start this Blog is by giving you something visual to get you sucked in.

Above will give you a little taster into Kangoo. In my own opinion i think the best way to describe Kangoo jumps is a combination of Aerobics and dance but multiply the intensity by a thousand. 
Kangoo jumps is considered the leading rebound sport in the world promoting an increase in fitness levels and endurance by 15%. Kangoo also promises Weight loss, toning and strengthening of the muscles, posture improvement, A stronger core and to reduce impact stress by 80% making it a class fit for people with joint or back problems. 

My Kangoo boots 

Below you will see Kim K and sister Kourtney enjoying a day of Kangoo jumps. 
If its good enough for the Kardashians it is definitely good enough for us

I am currently doing Kangoo Jumps with one of the best in the business, her name is Ana Maria. She is originally a professional gymnast who competed in the Olympics and now has turned to Kangoo Jumps. So i guess i can say that i am pretty lucky to be bouncing with her four times a week. Not only am i learning Kangoo with Ana but i will also be attending the Kangoo Jumps international fitness convention where we will be doing a presentation representing Ireland. Which is pretty cool to say the least.
Since taking up Kangoo i have found not only have my fitness levels grown dramatically but i also see a huge improvement in my asthma. I will be doing a lot of blogging over the next couple of weeks about Kangoo Jumps and the Convention, so if its something you think you would be interested in taking up make sure to stay tuned to my blog for all the updates. 

Kangoo is coming to Ireland !!!!!

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