Monday, 2 September 2013


Bikini & Brawn With Kelly Donegan

I am so pleased that the fitness movement has finally started to inspire and motivate Ireland, i guess i want to be a part of this movement and starting this blog is my way of contributing.  I am also using Kelly's Bikini and Brawn to be my own personal diary as i take on a new fitness challenge of my own. I am a big lover of health and fitness, in the past i had a big passion for sports taking part in athletics , basketball and my school's hockey team. I also had a big love for dance so i guess you could say i was a very active young lady growing up. The interest in my health and body only came more recently, I have been lifting weights and been a serious gym enthusiast for about two years.During these two years my quest and hunger for results, Information and knowledge relating to my body and has become massive. I guess because of this unquenchable thirst for my own ideal Body has lead me to a new adventure which will be revealed very soon. 

Kelly's Bikini Brawn is going to be all about my new adventure,my own personal diary which i want to share with you. It will feature Videos , Photos , Fitness and Health related blogs, Tips and Tricks , My own hardships and struggles, Product reviews-mostly relating to fitness , But that's not to say some random posts wont pop up.

Have included some Fitness related Press below for you to check out ! My six week bikini plan in association with the Irish Sun and also My interview with One of Ireland's leading lifestyle magazine's 'LIFE' in association with the Sunday Independent. For anybody who seen any of my previous pieces will really love my Blog its going to be way more intense and personal.  

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