Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Morning journal

I may be a newbie to the blogging world but i cant help finding myself eager to share , so i decided to write a little morning blog before i head of on my busy day. 

This morning i woke up at 6.45 am, I met my kangoo girls at 7.00 am in Fit4less Tallaght ( Will discuss Kangoo Jumps and Fit4less in more detail later this evening ) I trained Kangoo jumps for 45 minutes. What an unbelievable start to a morning, seriously high intensity cardio but also a lot of fun so i am pumped and enthusiastic for my day. Then my friend Lainey joined me in Fit4less for quick chest session, Nothing too bad ass ! I didn't have breakfast this morning as i find it hard to do cardio after eating, Instead i just had an energy drink ! I absolutely love this stuff , its tastes like apple lollies and of course gives me a boost in the morning for Kangoo. Its a powder you just mix with your water then BOOM, ready to bounce like a lunatic for 45 minutes. 

Scitec Nutrtion / Hot Blood from Titan Nutrition Ireland 

Now that i am home the first thing i need is my breakfast, I don't know how anybody functions with out having a meal in the morning. It's so important to fuel yourself for the day physically and mentally. I like to start my morning with Organic porridge, i am a big organic fan if you didn't already know. I also make mine with Almond milk and a quarter scoop of my Protein. I am not a big fan of milk or dairy in my diet, i think this is definitely a topic i need to discuss further at a later date in full. 

Currently taking Chocolate peanut butter 100% Whey professional 
by Scitec Nutrition ( Titan Ireland ) 

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