Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Making Lainey's in the world of fitness

A pint sized ball of Energy, with a six pack most of your boyfriends could only dream of hiding under their Tshirts. When talking about fitness success stories and transformations Elaine Keogh's journey is one to go down in the records.Since this blog is all about my own fitness journey i thought it was crucial to include hers. This time last year Just like me lainey decided to start training for a Bikini bodybuilding show, with the Help of Mr Titan Nutrition Calin Brehaita. In only eight months she drastically changed her appearance spending each hour of the day either in the gym, talking about the gym, or dreaming about the gym and of course that dream body and trophy in her eye. Lainey competed in the 2013 RIBBF Spring classic placing 2nd overall, i think you will agree that is some achievement in only eight months. She is currently training for this years Nationals which take place in Limerick this coming October. With a a hunger for success, a hard worth ethic and a giggle that could melt anyone's heart no doubts Lainey is set for big things. I also will be attending this years RIBBF Nationals as a spectator and will be doing loads of video blogging about it, will also keep you updated on lainey's progress or follow her yourself @LAINEYBOPSTER

Before and After


Above Spring Classic after 12 weeks of shredding ! 
Training / Diet by Titan Nutrition Ireland

Above Lainey is sporting the brand new range of Gym Shark clothing . She is the first in Ireland to try out their brand new ladies range.

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