Monday, 9 September 2013

Pressure me to be healthy

Pressure me to be Healthy :

We have been saturated by the wrong information and we are just as much to blame. Our on going infatuation with the celebrity world has lead us down a path of terrible body inspirations and pressures. I think its sad that more people read the likes of Vogue and Hello rather then Women's health related magazines. After all there is not much point of knowing how to dress fashionably if you are sick and out of shape, well at least i think so. I am going to let you answer this question yourself which images and magazines paint a more positive body image ?

Give them a chance :

Mens Health
Women's health
Shape Magazine
and many more

You may find yourself surprised at how motivated you will get from reading a magazine of this nature, in both men and women's versions. They include diet tips, recipes, training and a lot of amazing tips.
Please go out and by yourself at least one Health related magazine and i promise it wont be your last.

Leave a comment below, would love to hear what you have to think. If you decide to buy a magazine, let me know how you get on and which brand you went for. 

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