Thursday, 31 October 2013

Warm and fuzzy without the Guilt

Lets be fair, the minute the cold sets in the motivation and inspiration for staying healthy is beyond bleak . I have created this healthy alternative to Hot Chocolate, its one of the most pleasant, warming drinks you can have when its raining outside and your bound indoors.
Her is my guilt free warm and fuzzy hot choco which is also suitable for vegetarians.

Warm & Fuzzy              

Ingredients :

2 Cups Soya Milk or 2 cups Almond Milk    
1/4 cup : Chocolate whey protein
1 Tbsp : Smooth peanut butter
2 Tbsp : 100% Cocoa powder ( Must be dark )
1/2 Tsp : Agarve or Manuka honey

   Directions :       
 1) Heat The Milk in a pot on a medium heat adding the Peanut butter, Whey protein powder and the Cocoa powder.
2)  Whisk continually.
3) Take the mixture of the heat as soon as it gets hot enough do not let curdle 
4) Voila !!!!!!!!!


Alpro Soya available in all stores Tesco, Dunnes etc 

Manuka Honey ( High quality honey great healthy investment ) 
28.99 euro in Holland and Barrett ( Buy one get one free )

Chocolate whey by Optimum Nutrition ( Brand one best sports nutrition brand 2013 )
45.99 euro / 74 servings per Tub 

Green and Black Organic Cacoa powder available from Tesco, dunnes etc 

Kelkin Peanut butter  SMOOTH 

Leave a comment below if you have a recipe similar or if you decide to try my recipe

Kelly D xxxxx 


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  1. Just after makin it but went with crunchy pb.. Gorgeous.. No more craving butlers hot choc.. Thanks Kelly :)