Friday, 22 November 2013

I am not just biased !

I thought this was a really cool topic to discuss as dogs are a huge part of my life. I think at this stage anyone that knows me, or knows of me is fully aware of my huge love for animals especially dogs. I own an absolutely insane but adorable dog called Tyson, He is nearly five years old and a boxer. I am also a volunteer worker for an amazing animal rescue called 'DOGS AID'. Those of you who know me or follow me through social media will be fully aware of both and probably sick to death of me talking about dogs, But hey, when you love dogs you love dogs. 

Being both a huge health enthusiast and also an animal nut i thought this would be a really nice article to show how the two have so much in common. Also i think its important to share real factual information with those who may not be aware of it. It has been proven that owning a pet dog has massive health benefits. Research over the past twenty five years have proven that not only are people healthier that own dogs but also that children who are brought up with dogs are healthier than those who don't. Benefits for children include better social skills, higher levels of confidence and motivation in education. Its has also been shown that children who are reared with dogs have higher immune levels, less likely to suffer with allergies like Asthma, Eczema and also are less likely to develop allergens to pets. All of these have been published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology so a think you can agree a very reputable source. 

So what does it mean for adults well a a huge number of health benefits actually. Those who own dogs have been proven to have decreased blood pressure and cholesterol levels, Meaning lower chances of heart attacks. It has also been shown that those who have suffered with a heart attack recover quicker if they bring a pet into their life. Dog owners are less likely to be obese and live a healthier lifestyle with regular walking and outdoor activity .
Pets are also a huge asset to those who are sick, elderly or even suffering with depression. Dogs not only offer unconditional love but also offer people a sense of purpose which is so crucial for people who are lonely or feeling down. It is proven those who have dogs have a better overall mood and are much better at socializing with others are less likely to be anxious or stressed .

So there you have it, owning a dog has huge health benefits. Of course  if you are a proactive, responsible pet owner who regularly walks their dog. If you are considering a puppy or a new dog please always adopt.
Why not check out a charity close to my heart 'Dogs aid'

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Matthew Mcconaughey actually has a couple of dogs and is frequently snapped running, walking with his furry companions 

Ryan Gosling no words necessary 

Dwayne Johnson aka The rock is also a dog love 

Charlize Theron is also regularly spotted outdoors with her dog troop. 

Hills star Stephanie Pratt with her two Bulldogs enjoying some physical activity and fun 

What do you get up to with you're pet, walks, jogs maybe mountain walking let us know and leave a comment below.

Kelly D

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