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Model Alyson Boyle explores Bikram Yoga

I am always looking for new and exciting features and interviews for BikiniBrawn, and when i spotted that Irish Model Alyson Boyle was taking part in a thirty day Bikram yoga challenge i was all over it. I personally have never tried Bikram Yoga but of course am super keen to get involved. Bikram yoga was developed from the basic hatha yoga and works with different moves and breathing techniques which alyson discusses in her interview. The major difference between Hatha Yoga and Bikram yoga is you are training in a much hotter condition. Bikram yoga promotes many health benefits like Mental clarity, improvement in strength, posture, balance, increased flexibility and of course weight loss. Advise when participating in a class is to stay hydrated so drink plenty of water or energy drinks. Noted Celebrities who also practice regular Bikram Yoga include Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams, George Clooney, Pro basketball player Cobe Bryant, Glee star Lea Michele, Daniel Craig, Jennifer Aniston, Brooke shields, Madonna, Beyonce and David Beckham. Check out my Interview with Alyson about her experience so far 

The One and only Lady GaGa enjoying a session of Hot Yoga

Mr Gavin Rosdale caught Mid bikram Session, You may now him as Mr Gwen Stafani or lead singer of the band Bush 

Madonna is also a well known Bikram Yoga Nut 

Name : Alyson Boyle 
Age : 23 
Occupation : Student / Part time model with Assets 
Favourite type of Exercise : It was spinning but its currently bikram yoga 

That one item you cant live without : Probably my Great Lengths hair extensions by Pamela Laird if that counts as an item! If not I suppose my phone, I'm constantly glued to it 

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Your TV addiction : I don't watch TV that much but I love series like The Sopranos, The Inbetweeners, Entourage, Ugly Betty anything really! 
That one makeup product you cant live without :  I only wear makeup when I'm working or going out, I just wear lip-gloss during the day and it’s the one makeup item that will always be in my bag! 

Hi Alyson thank you so much for speaking to us here in Bikini Brawn. As a model thousands of girls aspire to be like you in Body, Image, style you name it. So as a role model what type of a message do you try and portray especially when it comes to Health and Fitness, As a lot of people would associate models with Bad diets, Anorexia and body pressures.  
Do you think this is accurate and what would you like to tell the girls and women of Ireland dreaming of having a body life a Model.  

Not at all, I think theres far more emphasis on being healthy and fit at the moment which is great. Agencies don't tell you to starve yourself to be thin they encourage you to be fit and toned looking. I was diagnosed a coeliac 6 years ago so I have followed a gluten free diet ever since and it has been a help for me to stay in shape. I don't buy into fad diets they are not sustainable and you end up piling on more weight when you come off them because they slow down your metabolism. Its best to work out when you can and eat in moderation; I have a major sweet tooth and never deprive myself of anything.  

We see you started a 30 day Bikram Yoga challenge, Would you consider yourself a Yogi ( Yoga Nut ) 

Most definitely, I only started a week ago and I am already obsessed with it! I am currently in my final year in college and I admit the stress does get to me; it was affecting my sleep but since starting bikram my sleeping pattern has instantly improved. It is motivating me to make healthier choices; I have dramatically cut down on the amount of coffee I am drinking choosing water instead as you need to really hydrate before and after class. 

and could you tell us a little bit about why you are doing itWhere, The cost basically the In's and Out's of this Yoga  Challenge . 

Ive been a member of Swan Leisure gym in Rathmines for 2 years where I usually do a variety of different classes but I just felt like doing something different to keep me motivated. I had attended bikram yoga classes a few years ago and I loved it so I decided to give it another go! I plan on keeping it up after or trying out something new like crossfit.  

I'm doing it in Dublin City Bikram Yoga on Drury Street, it's across the road from my college so it's ideal. I'm doing a 30 day challenge which costs 49€. It's a 90minute session with 26 poses in around 104 degree heat. It is quite challenging but each time you go it gets easier and its so rewarding to see yourself improving. 

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Do you have a favourite health food recipe that you could share with our readers and why you like it so much ? 

I love this healthy and gluten free alternative I have to chicken goujons and chips. I use sweet potatoes which I peel and chop, lay them out on a baking tray, spray with 1cal spray oil, sprinkle with chilli flakes and bake in the oven for around 30 minutes. For the chicken I just slice it up and coat it in egg whites, I then dip it into some sesame seeds and bake it in the oven for about 30 minutes. Its so easy to make and really tasty!  

What would your opinion be of the Irish Fitness industry, Do you think we are as up to date and would you change it in anyway? 

Yes definitely, I think we’ve really progressed over the last few years. There are so many gyms around that provide a great range of classes as well as special studios for crossfittrx, yoga, bikram and pilates. We really are spoilt for choice so it’s up to you to try a few classes to see what you enjoy! 

What advice would you give to women and possibly men suffering with self confidence issue based on their body and Image ? 

Like most girls I can be highly critical of myself but as Ive gotten older Ive learnt to stop dwelling on my insecurities. Youll be much happier once you stop obsessing about your appearance or comparing yourself to othersKeeping fit and not overly controlling what you eat will make you feel better about yourself and it’s important to enjoy what you work at or study. 

Ok finally who is your fitspiration and why ?  

I suppose Candice Swanepoel shes just perfect, I practically stalk her instagram!

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