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Interview with Irish Stylist Laura Mullet

Irish Stylist Laura Mullet kindly took the time to speak with us here at BikiniBrawn. We firmly believe Health and Fitness is so much more than just Eating lettuce leafs and doing grueling weight lifting sessions in the gym. Oh it's true Health is a lifestyle its about being motivated, feeling healthy and being happy. We also think Sportswear and sports style is a huge factor in this circle of Fitness. If you look the part you feel good, you train harder and you have a big smile on your face. We caught up with Laura where to chat about all things style and Sportswear.

Name : Laura Mullett
Age : 23
Occupation : Fashion stylist + Radio Journalist.
Best Holiday destination : New Orleans
Worst Nightmare : crocs (I’d rather be eaten by one than wear them)
Favourite makeup brand : Mac + Make up Forever
Something that annoys you : How fast the weekend flies by!
Hi Laura, Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us here at BikiniBrawn. 
As one of Ireland's upcoming and most exciting stylists we were keen to share your opinions of sports and fitness stylewith our readers. For us here at Bikinibrawn Style should be carried through into your gym, sports and active lifestyle. What is your opinion of this, and do you think you can be stylish sporty AND comfortable at the same time ?  
Hi there! It’s my pleasure! Truthfully being sporty and stylish is a winning combo. It is important to have a sense of style but also to be practical in your choices. Sports luxe dominates the fashion scene. Style is one big circle and athletic sports-inspired trends keep resurfacing. This means your wardrobe can be multi purpose and diversified
What are the most important things to remember when shopping for gym wear?
It is important to have a sense of style but also to be practical in your choices. Under armour is fantastic for regulating your body temperature and keeping you feeling fresh. I enjoy going to the gym and I am trying to go at least twice a week. When it comes to my gym wear - I have curves so I like to layer two thin loose fitting tanks and my reebok runtone calf leggings in a way that I feel at ease in the gym and also that I won’t feel the compulsion to adjust what I am wearing. I wear Reebok runtone runners and I find them very bouncy. They give you a spring in your step and are ideal for walking and jogging and are easy on your joints. A good sports bra is a must. You don’t want to get stretch marks. What ladies need to understand that the purpose is for your cleavage to be flattened and supported by a sports bra in order for you to exercise without putting yourself in any type of discomfort during physical exertion.
What do you think the most current sportswear trend is at the moment or Fashion trend that can be translated into your sports looks ? 
l think the combination of beanies and slouchy oversized baseball jackets is slick and a stylish way to embrace street style in the winter months. It is an accessible unisex trend that suits all shapes and sizes. You can get some cool snapbacks, beanies and runners in Lifestyle sports at the moment. Their new stock arrived just last week! I styled the ‘9 Crow St’ 2013 lookbook shot by Alex Hutchinson which showcases their cool variety of retro classic sportswear as pictured below.

How would you create a sporty evening look, lets say for a party or a night out on the tiles ?
Recently I headed over to London and was travelling light. So I needed an outfit that would transcend from day to night. I wore my studded Jeffrey Campbell skater runners, black tights, a tartan minidress and a buttoned up oversized baseball jacket with white leather sleeves and spiked detail on the shoulders with black leather studded gloves. I finished the look by pinning my hair up loose and wearing my oversized round sunnies. I felt comfy and confident all day and when I went to Jamie Oliver’s in Angel for dinner and drinks that evening and I wasn’t underdressed. 
What is your must have sportswear product ? 
My boyfriend bought me the coolest Nike concealed heel grey suede runners last week for our fourth anniversary! I was so surprised and I absolutely love them. I am 5’4 so they give me a little height boost of an inch and a bit and they’re perfect for running around the city pulling clothes or when working on a photoshoot. For work comfort is important. I would love to wear heels at photoshoots but when wheeling suitcases with a dress bag flung on my shoulder I am a danger to myself and others! I got these wet look baggy trackies and green loose cotton top in Penneys for €14 + €7 respectively.

I also love this cropped college ‘crusaders’ vintage sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters. It is a versatile once sporty item that now has a grunge twist. You can customise jumpers that need a bit of reworking, whether it is fraying the edges or adding some studs.

Do you have advise about adding colour into your sports/Active wardrobe ?
Neon and primary colours are your friend! There are the most funky neon sports trainers available in Lifestyle sports at the moment. They have the practicality of making you visible to passers by if exercising outdoors, but also give you an excuse to embrace your girly side by snapping up the brightest highlighter neon pink runners known to man. But on a serious note don’t over think it! Don’t be afraid to mess around with clashing prints and daring shades. Its all about the structure and shaping this season. I love these cute Buffalo Dublin runners from a shoot I did for the Irish Daily Star shot by Evan Doherty during the Summer.

What advice would you give to a woman or a man who has lost a lot of weight and is finding it quite daunting the thoughts of shopping for a new body. How would you approach styling a person in this situation or what styling advice would you give them ?
I think tactile layering. Celebrate your victories by purchasing items that embrace your body shape. Wear garments that will support you. Sometimes if you lose weight quickly you can be left with excess skin so by dressing in a way that shows of the new improved you without constraining yourself it’s a win win situation. In terms of personal styling advice every client is different but as a general rule I think it is important to take a pen to paper and write down five features you like about your shape. Whether it’s your toned arms, slimmed face, flat tum, or lack of love handles write it down and then the objective in terms of styling will be to hand select items that will enhance these fantastic things that you feel are your strong points. This ensures contentment and satisfaction as styling isn’t a scary thing it’s just about adaption and realising the possibilities.
 What would be your style advice to a person who is only taking up fitness for the first time, Who might be a bit body conscience and doesn't want to wear form fitting outfits like leggings etc ? 
Go into a sports shop, Penneys or TK Maxx and get a large simple white tee shirt. If you are a woman go for a mans just for a neat shape. Team these with dark jogging pants. These are quite free fitting and have a slight flare. This is what I have done myself in the past and the loose shirt meant I felt cool while exercising and the jogging pants are slimming and are so handy to have.
Have you styled any sports themed shoots, and what were the ideas behind it ? 
I styled an editorial fashion sports shoot only last week for press. It was shot by Colin Price, MUA was Noella Geoghegan and the model was former Miss Ireland Rebecca Maguire. The shoot was very urban. It was shot outdoors in inner city Dublin with a variety of sporty props. There were beanies with netting, glittery heels teamed with tracksuits, hoodies without shoulders, gold chunky statement jewels and much more! I actually cannot wait to see the finished shots in print myself. Below is some of the sports gear I pulled from the lovely folks at Lifestyle Sports.

Another sporty shoot I did recently was shot by Richie Buttle. Miss Irish Sun Sinead Duffy jumps in the air in concealed heel platform runners, and a cool black mesh jersey top that is a steal at €12 in TK Maxx.

As a stylist you work with all kinds of people from Models to Television personalities, young women and many many more. You must hear all kinds of Gossip and stories about peoples diets, Pressures etc. Can you share an insight with us and also your opinion ?

I have met some lovely people and I have made great friends in this business but truthfully I think modelling is a very tough competitive industry. It’s a small island and there is a wide pool of choice in Ireland. Agencies have beauties on their books but once you get signed it doesn’t mean that modelling is a sure thing. The best models are flexible, fit, dedicated and passionate about what they do. I can’t imagine the pressure of being a model and facing the challenges that follow that career path. In terms of erratic dieting I have witnessed a lot of the girls on stringent calorie controlled diets and many do speak openly about the size zero debate and how challenging it is to be disciplined constantly. But then again some models win the genetic lottery and have a high metabolism so in turn have a more varied diet.  

Working with these types of people do you sometimes feel the pressure to be body perfect ?

Of course I would love to be a Victoria’s Secret model but truthfully I am happy in my own skin. Working on shoots my priority is on the model, their body and getting them prepped and I love that. The reason I got into this career is because I have such an appreciation for beauty. I was styling and presenting a fashion show last night for sewing school ‘When Poppy Met Daisy’. I met a model called Karen Forde who has a sexy womanly shape. She was beautiful inside and out and in an inspiring fashion she stormed the runway with style and grace. 

I think what ‘body perfect’ means to me is when I am wearing my favourite 1940‘s style dress that flatters me and I am all dolled up with red lipstick and pin curls. I think that is such a nice feeling.
What advise would you give our readers about self confidence and body insecurities ?

I think I would give them the same advice I give myself! Embrace your body shape. Try and get daily exercise whether you try the 30 day shred, taking the stairs or even buy a €5 exercise DVD in Tesco. Set realistic goals and make lifestyle adjustments. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I think we can all be our own harshest critics and the longest relationship you will have in this life is with yourself! Have self worth and ultimately look after your body as best you can. 

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