Sunday, 3 November 2013

Miley is an advocate for mental clarity, who knew !

She is one of the most talked about celebrities of 2013 and has shocked people around the world with her risque new image and lets not forgot public actions. She is also the butt of all recent jokes relating to her lack of squatting. Miley may not squat but it is still undeniable that Miley is the owner of one svelte body ! Miley Cyrus has been a huge fan of both Pilates and Yoga and has transformed her body over the past year. Miley practices yoga and Pilates six times a week with leading guru Mari Winsor . Her transformation is also credited to her change of diet which included cutting both Dairy products and Gluten. She tells Shape magazine that she has an allergen to both so decided to cut them out of her diet, Miley says '' Gluten is Craaaaap anyway! Sort of like twerking without your tongue out '' Bikinibrawn definitely agrees with her first statement but we are not too sure about the tongue part. Miley is also a massive sushi and Gatorade fan, she also enjoys baking vegan brownies as a treat .

Here is Miley Enjoying some peace and serenity on a beach in Costa Rica earlier this year.
One of the moves she is practicing is called ''Tree Move'' This technique is used to focus mental clarity and also improve balance . Her flexibility and strength is shown in all of the images below . Maybe Miley is a lot more balanced than we think .

   Whats your opinion on Miley's body ? Are you a fan of Yoga ?
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