Sunday, 3 November 2013

Aztec herbal tea

Whether its Irish nature or just some weird obsession that i have, my love for copious amounts of Barry's tea sometimes shocks me. Drinking sometimes ten cups a day, which i think you can agree is sheer madness. I always find myself searching for new alternatives coffee, Hot water with lemon or herbal tea's. None of which have surpassed my love for Barry's but i still try to include as many alternatives as possible.
During one of my many health escapades i came across this very attractive looking herbal tea, of course the number one attraction was the word choco 'Choco Chili' that is. For under four euro of course i threw it in my basket along with my other products.

Unfortunately Choco Chili Yogi Tea did not cure me of my addiction with Barry's tea , but i did however really enjoy the drink. There is a rich aroma of Chocolate , which i can assure was very relaxing . The taste however didn't have as much of an impact on me as the smell had. It was light and easy to drink with Star anis being the strongest flavour. It was enjoyable but didn't leave a huge lasting memory . I would however be inclined to try their other flavours including Tea's that promote better digestion, relaxation and flu remedies .

Available to buy in both Holland and Barrett and The health food store  

Yogi tea

Have you tried any herbal tea's that have blown your mind, if so please share with us.
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