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Pregnancy workout plan

It is known fact that women can benefit hugely from exercising during pregnancy. It is Important to consult your doctor about this prior to starting any kind of workout pregnancy regime, it is even more important to consult your doctor if you are an inactive person and want to take it up to help with the pregnancy and have not done much exercise in the past.
The main issue with training while pregnancy is two factors your center of gravity has been shifted to the front due to weight gain in the abdomen and also Back Pain .
It is important to remember to always stretch before any type of physical activity when pregnant. The four key elements are Swimming, Yoga, Light weight training sessions and low impact cardio like dancing, aerobics or walking.  

So what are the benefits of exercising during pregnancy :

- You can maintain your Cardiovascular fitness
- Improve Flexibility and strength which hugely assists the Birth
- Less Pre-Natal Discomforts like
  Back pain
  Leg cramps
  Swollen extremities
  Varicose veins
- Increase energy levels and blood flow
- Lower resting heart rate
- Decrease in Complications
- Decrease in excessive weight gain
- 75% decrease in chance of having a C- Section
- 30% decrease in Labor time
- 75% less chances of getting post natal depression
- 75% decrease in the use of oxytocin during birth
- And lastly a healthier baby !!

Pre workout notes :

- Keep a workout diary documenting all of your activity. That way if there are any issues
like lack of energy, dizziness you have an accurate list of your actions which your doctor can review.
- Pregnant women should not perform squats it can cause the separation of the placenta from the uterus . Only perform this style of movement when it has been an on going regular in your life.
- Do not include jerky movements
- ONLY light weights should be used , Also with a slow technique .

Your pregnancy workout diary :

Monday : Legs
Tuesday : Yoga
Wednesday : Arms and Chest
Thursday : Cardio
Friday : Back and Shoulders
Saturday and Sunday are rest days

Monday : Legs ( ALWAYS use light weights )

Heel raises /3 sets 15 reps 

Leg curl machine/ 3 sets 15 reps

Leg kicks / 3 sets  15 reps

Leg extensions /3 sets 15 reps

Tuesday : Yoga Class

Wednesday - Arms and Chest ( ALWAYS use Light weights )

Tricep Push down using Cable machine 4 sets / 12 reps 

Bicep Dumbbell Curl 4 sets / 12 reps

Seated Dumbbell chest press 4 sets / 12 reps 

Thursday - Cardio of Choice walking or swimming for thirty minutes

Friday - Back and shoulders ( Always use Light weights )

Deadlift using No bar or Light dumbbells 4 sets / 12 reps

Shoulder press / Machine 4 sets 15 reps  ( Light weight )

Lateral pull-down with a wide grip / Cable machine & Bench 4 sets 15 reps 
( Light weight ) 

Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Rest

Have you got any worries about exercising while pregnant or maybe you were super fit, share your stories with Bikinibrawn and leave a comment Below.

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