Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The pregnancy diet

It is a well known fact that with pregnancy comes weight gain but don't fall into the trap! Many people believe pregnancy is a time to switch off from being healthy and eating clean meals. Unfortunately this is the most crucial time in your life to be calorie conscience and to stay clear of pigging out on Ice cream, chocolate, McDonald's and whatever else tickles your fancy 
Here is what you should be gaining : on average, women gain 7.5 pounds for the baby, 1.5 pounds for the placenta, 2 pounds for the amniotic fluid, 2 pounds for uterine enlargement, 2 pounds for breast tissue, 2 pounds for blood volume, 4 pounds of fluid in maternal tissue, and 7 pounds of maternal fat stores for an average total of 30 pounds. So as you can see it is not a radical number and it is going to involve a lot of will power and mental strength to stay within these healthy figures.
Pregnancy is known to seriously affect your blood sugars but by eating a well planned, healthy diet you should be able to fight those pregnancy urges  
Here are some No No's
~ No alcohol of any kind, Not even Guinness.
~ No smoking
~ No Caffeine 
Here are some Do Do's
~ Eat every 2 hours / 2.5 hours
~ Drink a large glass of water every hour
~ Eat loads of vegetables 
Breakfast ideas :
Porridge with Apple and Cinnamon made with Almond milk
Scrambled eggs with a side of asparagus or Broccoli
Herbal Tea
Hot lemon and water
Greek or Coconut yogurt with Nuts and dried fruit 
Omelette with Turkey and tomatoe salsa topping
Homemade Fruit juice or Smoothie 
Snack Ideas :
Nuts : Almonds Pistachios Cashews pecans 
Dried Fruits : Apricots Cranberries Figs
Homemade oat bars
Hard Boiled eggs
Apple/ Pear with peanut butter 
Meal Ideas
Spanish style chicken with a side of Cous Cous
Healthy stew both veggie and non Veggie 
Loads of Green vegetables the more the better
Healthy quinoa and cauliflower risotto
Asian style sitfry
Turkey burgers or Chickpea burgers for veggies

I hope this has helped with my pregnant readers. If you have any super healthy pregnant recipes please share them here at Bikinibrawn.  
Kelly D xx

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