Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sporty hair inspiration / Cornrow

I have become a little fascinated with Sporty hairstyles and translating them into evening and lifestyle looks. The cornrow is another alternative to the braid and is hugely associated with a ghetto lifestyle, i actually find this hairstyle quite Chic and Classy. It's a little bit Fun and adventurous but i absolutely love wearing my hair back, i think it can make you look a lot more youthful. Cornrows have also featured on many Runways and in editorials for Vogue. Check out some cool examples below of Cornrow Braids and also my take

Here is my take which i wore last night to the Peroni Design awards in the Library Project in temple bar . I thought it was youthful and also very playful and like i mentioned i love having my hair back from my face . A little bit daring but why not

Would you be brave enough to rock the Cornrow ?? Leave a comment below and tell us some of your daring hairstyles .

Kelly D xx

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