Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Boxer Braid


I came across this stunning hairstyle on The Beauty department and thought it would be a nice feature on BikiniBrawn. I truly believe style and effort should continue into your fit life and with this hairstyle i think you will achieve both. Its called the Boxer braid, and is a very easy style to achieve. If hair is something you struggle with pop into your local salon for a quick braid makeover. I have included some photos of some Boxer braid variations, all of which are absolutely stunning and will no doubt impress anyone in the gym. The boxer braid Featured in the 2012 beauty campaign shot by Fashion and beauty photographer Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Paris. I think we can all agree if the boxer braid is good enough for french vogue then it is definitely good enough for us 
( Campaign below )



                    Check out this Youtube video, which will give you the how to !
                      This particular video was the most clear and easy to follow.
          It also is called the soccer french braid, this particular braid has a variety of names.

            Beauty campaign for French Vogue featuring the Boxer braid

Why not try the Boxer braid and send me a photo

Kelly D xx

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