Saturday, 2 November 2013

Do your protein shakes bring the boys to the yard ??

So what is your opinion on Sports nutrition products, vitamins and minerals. Do you think they are a waste of time, Can you not live without them or are they alien products to you. 

Its a topic that really intrigues me and is going to be a current on Bikinibrawn. With the topic up for discussion on Twitter, facebook and also here on Bikinibrawn, i am curious to see what the overall opinions are. 
Here is what people have been saying so far :

Art Director Dillon St Paul from Stellar magazine says
 ''I take loads of vitamins Etc but often I think there's too much available. But I have a few staple ones. As for Protein supplements I often get turned off by the amount of sugar/ maltodextrin in them. Sure you need fast carbs and protein combo especially right after the gym but I'd rather eat a protein bar that taste less like a Mars bar! Ie healthier!''

Irish DJ John Gibbons on Nutrition Products 
''I Take none. Almost without expectation they're detrimental to overall health especially when taken medium to long term'' 

Hannah Reidy/Clontarf Dublin
''I use Raw fusion, it's plant based find it's easier to digest then whey. Pre workout optimum nutrition is great stuff but unfortuanlty contains dairy and soya and i try to avoid both'' 

Chris Maher works at MC Bodytec Nass 
''I find a lot of people girls especially don't like to take protein shakes because they think it will somehow make them ''massive'' their is a big stigma around supplements in this country''
''I find with vitamins people just don't know which ones do what''

David Byrne Studying Health and fitness in Inchicore college says
''I think peoples main reason for not using any of these supplements is lack of knowledge! People are much more open to the idea of eating processed foods or junk food but dont know that these things are doing far worse damage to their body. People tend to shy away from them as they are in powder form, the two brands i would use mostlye is Optimum Nutrition or Kinetica ''

Jennifer Lyons a personal trainer with a degree in sports science 
'' People don't take them because they are unsure of the benefits, afraid of side effects, bulk etc which is compleltely inccorect'' 

Roisin Readmond 23 From Dublin 
''I dont know what to buy''

Ciaran Duffy from Monoghan 
'It's too expensive''  

@GymBunnytweets says
'' I take Multivitamins  B complex, Fish oils, probiotics and then magnesium at night i also take a protein shake and preworkout ''

What is your opinion on Nutrition products.What is your fav brands and vitamins ?
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