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Bikinibrawn catches up with athlete Lucy Baldwin

For me the most important factor in my blog, is that fitness is for everyone and is obtainable by all. Lucy is the perfect candidate for a BikiniBrawn interview and promotes this very theme. She is not only 32 years of age but also a mother of two. The Slovakian born beauty is one of the most experienced bikini competitors here in Ireland, having competed in all major competitions since the launch of the Bikini category in 2012. She has also found herself on stage competing at the Arnold Classic in Europe a couple of months back. Her passion for Health and fitness radiates and she has no problem speaking her mind about people who are lazy. Lucy Baldwin credits her success to not only hard work but also the support of her husband. Lucy's main message, is that if she can find the time to exercise and eat healthy so can you, so drop the excuses ! Regardless of your interest in the bodybuilding scene, Lucy will no doubt inspire and motivate through her story and dedication. I hope you enjoy our interview with Lucy and don't be afraid to leave a comment below 

Name : Lucy Lucia Baldwin

Age : 32

City : Tramore, Co.Waterford

Occupation : Hairdresser , Currently studied Sports Recreation & Exercise

Sport : Fitness, Weights training, running, cycling in summer , I love roller skating (very popular in my home country) - great for your legs and booty, but there is no suitable areas for it here in Ireland.

Favourite beauty Product : Garnier  Essential  make up remover  for sensitive skin, Gosh bronzing precious pearls

Biggest Fear : Heights

Favourite type of music : Anything good  - 
Country and  Mozart ,only joking. I really like 80's and R&B, but my favourite would be Club and Dance music

Secret addiction : Headphones in the gym, Facebook and hovering

Hi Lucy. We are thrilled to get the chance to interview you and hopefully help some of our readers get motivated and fit through your story. Could you tell us a little bit about your background, where you come from, Were you sporty as a child and how you got into the Irish bodybuilding scene ?

Hi, I am originally from Slovakia, I came to Ireland in 2006. I am a bikini fitness competitor and have a big passion for training, the gym is my addiction. 
I started competing in October 2012 in the first RIBBF bikini category ( Republic of Ireland bodybuilding federation ) and I placed 4th.
I won miss bikini Nationals RIBBF Spring Classic 2013 and the overall bikini category.
In October in the RIBBF Nationals 2013 I placed 2nd.
I also competed in Slovakia and in Arnold Classic Europe in Madrid.
I am currently an IrishMuscle athlete ,and sponsored by the IrishMuscle Store.
I have been active from a young age, I did karate for about 6 years as a child, swimming and cycling with my dad. When I was 18 I started weight training for 2 years with my brother and my dad. Two years after my second child was born, I decided to loose weight and get back into shape. I started with endless hours of cardio but it didn't work . After a while I started lifting and changed my diet and it worked really well. I completely changed my lifestyle and fell in love with it. I was hungry to achieve even more and something to aim for, something to train for.
I wanted to give a competition a go as I really liked the bikini fitness division and I ended up on the national stage for RIBBF ;)

                     Lucy below with her 1st place trophy 
                       at the 2013 RIBBF Spring classic 

What are the biggest hardships in being a competitive bikini bodybuilder ?

Bikini division shows your curves , a beautiful toned body is soft, sexy and feminine , that why this category is so popular.  
This category can be confusing sometimes as you don't know exactly what the judges will be looking for. The standard in bikini is improving every year especially on the International scene. When I look back 2 years ago and compare now, there is huge difference. The girls out there have amazing physiques.  If you want to be good, you cant stay behind, you have to go with the high standard and never stop. You have to keep training and do serious solid work like you have never done before :) None of them sit at home on their arses 

What advise would you have to women interested in getting involved in the bikini category . Could you give them six useful pointers ?

1. Determination
2. Train as hard as you can 
3. A positive mind
4. Be strong
5. Believe in yourself
6. Never give up

What advise would you give to girls competing for the first time with regards presentation on competition day ? 

Firstly it would be your confidence - smile and positive energy . 
This is your chance to sell what you have made, Show of all your hard work .
Your competition day should be enjoyable and fun. Of course along with it, have a sexy  overall look, correct and professional tan, good makeup and hairstyle. You also need a suitable bikini that will match your look.  

What are you're Top ten tips for living a healthy lifestyle 

1. Sports -  There are so many things you can do - Jogging  or even walking, swimming, running , cycling, the gym, fitness classes , soccer.... 

If people keep saying that they are too busy and they don't have enough time to be active, then they are just making excuses or they are just lazy.
I was the exact same, before I use to say how busy i am with kids and that i have no time , now I know I was just being lazy. There is always a way to manage your time and there is always time if you really want it.  

2. Healthy eating - again , there are so many options in the shops to eat healthy

3. Try to avoid stress . I know sometimes its hard and we all have our ups and downs life

4. Look after your health , health  is your wealth !!!

5. Get enough sleep

6. Avoid alcohol in large quantities and cigarettes

7. Set up individual goals. This will help your body and mind improve and progress

8. Be positive

9. Be happy

10. Never give up

What is the most exciting part about competing and why do you love it so much ? 

Competing brought my fit and active lifestyle to the next level, it also helped me to maintain my form all year round. It is great to set up goals and to follow and achieve them.  Everyone can set up their own individual goals. Its great to have something to aim for! Competing is not always about winning or getting a trophy. Sure, its an amazing feeling to win and i am lucky to have experienced both. If you step on stage with a better physique then the time before that's a fantastic achievement in itself. That way you are always a winner. Competing is about fighting yourself every time.
Nothing makes me more happy then to look at the pictures from my previous competition and the current one and to see the improvements, that's why I love it. 

You got the opportunity to compete in the 2013 Arnold classic in Madrid , Could you
tell us a little bit about your journey and of course getting on that stage ? Were you
happy with the package you brought and would you have done anything different 

Arnold Classic Europe is one of the biggest shows in Europe. 
Competing in the Arnold Classic was the most wonderful experience. It was the highlight of my competing career. 
I started 12 weeks out for my contest preparation for the show, almost for the whole summer. 
I trained 6 times a week.  I was very happy with my package and with the improvements. 
I did my absolute best and brought the best possible package. 
The girls looked absolutely amazing woow.. There were girls from all over Europe. so you can imagine the high standard and I am thrilled to say that I wasn't far behind them. 
I also really enjoyed the big Expo as part of the show, including well known supplement brands and stalls. I also got the opportunity to meet some of my favourites athletes, pro athletes .
No i wouldn't have done anything different .
Arnold classic Europe was one of my goals for 2013, and to say i achieved it is amazing. I couldn't be any happier 

           Enjoying her time at the Arnold Classic Europe below 

What are your long term goals and dreams ?

I would love to compete in America. 
Every PRO was once an Amateur and every bodybuilding Amateur wants to become a PRO.
So to be a Professional would probably be my "dream"  

What would you say to people that have the opinion bodybuilding, including Bikini is masculine and not sexy ?

F*ck off !  Your big fat , jelly arse is not sexy . 
Look at any fitness magazine, can you tell me the girls aren't sexy??  

 Check out bikini bodybuilder Yeshaira Robles below, whats your verdict ? 

What is a typical daily meal plan for you off season ( Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner, Snacks etc)

20 mins before my breakfast I have a protein shake.
Breakfast - Full bowl of porridge with squashed banana, blueberries , walnuts , cinnamon - this is my routine that kicks off my day, i cant imagine my day with out this :)
Snack - Apple , yoghurt or a nuts mix with dry fruit
Lunch - Chicken or tuna sandwich , or chicken salad with eggs rice or pasta on the side
Snack - Protein bar or granola bar , apple
Dinner - Steak with rice and steamed vegetables. or Cod with a baked potato or sweet potato fries, steamed veg or Turkey or steak mince burgers cooked in oven served with a salad .... I always change it  around .
Last a Casein shake before i go to sleep 

Are there any food groups you avoid completely 

Cooking oils, White bread, Chips, Sweets, Chocolate, Crisps , Full fat milk and full fat cheese 

What advise would you give to young girls or woman who want to get fit and healthy for the first time ?

Simple , change your diet. What i would do is change her daily meal plan and to tell her to pick her bum of the chair and get moving.  

What is your Favourite exercise technique and why 

I love legs and a booty workout and I enjoy every technique involved with it. 
So its really hard to say which technique would be my favourite,  Every one is haha...

I section my leg workouts into 3 days a week . One of my legs workouts include an explosive high intensity workout and this would probably be my favourite day , I really need to feel the pain and burn, then i am happy with my workout. The ones where you need a wheelchair after Lol 

How do you deal with competition diet and competition training ?

It was tough and I found it hard at the start. I am fine now i guess i got use to it. 
My competition training is almost the exact same as off season training, there isn't a big difference. The only real difference is the nutrition plan it is much more strict and I miss my cheat meals haha..

What would your diet and training consist of ahead of a competition ? 

It depend of what phase i am in.
Generally my diet is rich in protein, it also contains carbs and good fats. My contest preparation diet consists of Chicken, Red meat, Cod, Eggs, Oats, Rice, Veg, Lots of green Veg, Nuts ( I love nuts), Kidney Beans, I drink loooots of water and Green Tea . 
In phase 1 , at the start my contest diet prep contains fruit and diary products too. In phase 2 i avoid them . Example I swap Lowfat milk for almond  milk, unsweetened milk, reduce carbs . phase 3 - being the toughest one , contains minimum amounts of carbs , and mostly protein intake .
Training consists of high reps lighter weights and pleeeeeenty of cardio , especially high intensity cardio - love it !

Who is your Fitness inspiration ?

Nathalia Melo is my number 1, i love her physique and she has such a nice personality. I also love Amanda Latona , Larissa Reis and Erin Stern .

Below Lucy hanging out with international bodybuilding sensation Larissa Reis at the Arnold Classic Europe 

Living a fit and healthy life consistently is very tough, have you had any bad falls and how did you pick yourself back up ?

Oh Yes i sure did , it is a huge roller coaster !  There was a lot of tears my dears too, there was mood swings on daily basis, especially around my contest preparation. Its a tough sport and everyone involved in this, knows exactly what i am talking about. Unfortunately it is tough out there , there are a lot of jealous people and haters too, especially when they see you doing well. 
At this point it is very important to have support. You need support ,with no support you wouldn't be able to achieve your goals or obtain your achievements.  In my case it is love which gives me endless support , especially my husband, every time I was down he picked me back up and put me back on track :)

Do you have a favourite nutrition brand and why ? 

For Whey Protein Optimum nutrition and Scitec Nutrition - they have a great selection of flavours and a great taste !
I tend to mix around with other supplements 

Could you give us a little insight into your training, How many times a week for how long, Weights vs cardio etc 

At the moment i life weights 4-5 times a week and around 3 times a week i do cardio. I also do circuits and conditioning training in between as part of my college course . I usually train Weights for an hour and a half and cardio 20-30 mins
I increase the intensity during my contest prep .

What is your all time favourite healthy recipe and could you share it with us ?

Steak mince burgers and my all time favourite is my Yummy chocolate -( banana protein cake )
It is absolutely incredible, healthy and clean ;)  Here is my recipe 


1 whole Egg
2 egg whites

1 scoop of chocolate whey 
Half cup of almond milk 
3/4 cup of oats ...

1tbsp cocoa powder
1tbsp peanut butter 
1tsp baking soda 
1 large squashed banana 
walnuts or almond flakes
Mix all together

Bake for 35-40 mins at 170 C. 
The banana and blueberries make the cake nice and moist .

Serve with coffee or a protein coffee ;)

What supplementation do you take and why 

In  my contest prep
Basic supplements - Whey protein,  BCAA , L- Glutamine.
then usually Casein, Kre-Alkalyn, L-Carnitine, occasionaly Pre-Workouts, Vitargo.
Vitamins and Minerals :)

 Is there anyone you would like to mention who may have helped you in your journey ?

My number one, My loving and amazing darling husband. He is the biggest help in my journey and I definitely wouldn't be where I am now without him. 

Like i said before , you can't forget about the support you received along your journey, they are a huge element to your achievements
He also helps me out with my training and also has to deal with me being moody and all the grouchy faces. He always stands beside me and supports me in everything i do, he gives me hugs when I need them the most , even when I don't know i need them :)
I also would like to thank Dawid Geler and Irishmuscle for their ongoing support in my journey, as I am a part of the Irishmuscle Team and sponsored by the Irishmuscle Store, which means so much to me.  Thank you to John Windle who is the manager of my local gym in KingFisher Waterford where i train ( It is my second home haha..) Huge thank you for their support too .

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If you have any question for lucy or anything you would like to share after reading her interview, leave a comment below

Kelly D xx

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