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Ask Kelly

A new section in my blog. Due to high amounts of emails with questions and queries, i decided to launch ASK KELLY. I thought it would be a nice addition to my blog, since we are all on a journey to live a healthy life, i thought it would be inspiring to share other peoples questions and concerns. Just like the reason for starting my blog, i love helping people and relating with people. If i can share my passion for fitness with others then that is amazing. I am not a dietitian and i am not a personal trainer, this is all about sharing my personal opinions from my own experiences. If you want to send a question into ASK KELLY email or message the contact box to the right ! All questions are 100% anonymous. 
I am so honoured and privileged to see so many people writing to me. To see that people are so comfortable and are willing to get in touch with me, means so much !

Thank you and keep them coming 

Kelly X 

Question : 

Hi. I'm just wondering when did you start taking up the whole fitness and healthy lifestyle and what were your first changes in your life eg Walking / Cutting out Junk 

Kelly's Answer :

Hey. I have always been relatively active and PE was one of my favourite subjects. I was also a member of my school hockey team. Ill be genuinely honest and say my diet was horrendous until i took part in the Miss Universe Ireland competition where i got advise from a professional almost three years ago. I only really became serious about my training and diet about two years ago, and i credit that to the influence of an ex boyfriend. I never made a conscience decision to cut out junk, i just became more aware of eating healthy foods and that made a huge difference with out any effort. 

Question :

Hey Kelly

What's your opinion on your choice of exercise for weight loss? Cardio, weights or both ?

After a year in the gym I finally got an assessment, pretty much no cardio and just weights, an upper body day and the a lower body day, alternated!! Just want to be sure I'm getting the right advice.

Answer :

Hey. I can assure you that you made the right choice in seeking an assessment with a trainer at your gym, after all that is what they are there for. Training is a very personal thing, and until you try everything, you cant really assume what will work best. I have had huge success with Weight training and think you will see huge improvements with this. My advise is to stick to your programme for the next six weeks and then review it with your trainer. Your training all depends on the level of commitment you are willing to give and also your own personal goals. If you are feeling extra motivated after the six weeks why not add in some cardio sessions or try a class. I personally love spin.

Question :

Hi Kelly. I am looking to lose weight and tone up, it's one of my 2014 goals in the new year!!
I am at my biggest I have ever been and need to loose at least 2 stone

Can you please help??

Answer :

Hey. Don't worry my friend, you are not the only person in the world with this current issue. The most important factor is that you have made a decision to change and have given yourself a realistic goal for 2014. So well done ! Its a lot easier to ignore a problem rather than face it head on. 

A realistic goal : Why not try and set a goal of ten healthy weeks. You need to be realistic and honest with yourself. Try eating healthy Monday - Friday and enjoy a treat at the weekend. 

To be healthy - Eat Loads !! Loads of healthy food, chicken, eggs fish vegetables sweet potatoe. Get creative, there are so many healthy options 

To be happy - You shouldn't be miserable about eating healthy and you also shouldn't beat yourself up if things take a little longer than expected. Rome wasn't built in a day 

Be honest with yourself - You cant expect to loose loads of weight if you are sneaking junk food and takeaway foods. Be honest and face your problems . I personally adore white carbs, once and a while i allow myself a pizza or chips etc. Life is for living but its also about being responsible and having restraint. 

- Get active - Join your gym, take up dancing or get involved with a local fitness class or weight loss group. 

Don't be afraid to ask for help - ( which you have already done ) Why not ask a friend to join in your new plan or             possibly a family member. Support each other and push           each other. 

Organisation - Set up a weekly food plan for you to follow ! I promise this will be one of your major success factors. If you are busy and working, you MUST prepare the night before. Bring Lunchboxes and snacks ( Healthy of course ) to stop you craving junk and also leaving you open to snack due to  lack of preparation 

The most important factor is to be happy, to be healthy and to enjoy living this type of lifestyle. I promise you, give it ten weeks and you will be hooked. Best of luck and please keep us all posted. 

Question :

Hey Kelly. I loved you in Tallafornia you are such an amazing girl. I am 21 years of age and , I was a size 8 and then I got the implant in my arm and blew up to a size 14, I have totally lost my confidence and I wanted to model but i have no hope now. I have been to the gym, swimming but the weight just won't budge so I am not sure if it's because of the hormones from the implant or not. I hate being this size as I don't feel comfortable around my boyfriend or in dressy clothes so I wear baggy clothes. Can you help ? I hope so 

Answer :

Never say never hun ! If you have a dream you should follow it no matter what obstacle stands in your way. So many women and girls in Ireland suffer with self confidence issues through out there life, and i am definitely one of them. I grew up with a very severe skin condition called Eczema , It was a very obvious red rash, that covered 70% of my body, my arms, my legs and even my face. I was hugely embarrassed and self conscience as a teenager because of it. I wanted to wear makeup and tan but couldn't because of my condition. I also had a boyfriend, i also had friends just like you have, it doesn't matter what size you are just like it didn't matter that i had a skin condition. Your boyfriend and friends love you regardless.
My advise is to seek the help of your doctor, possibly ask about an alternative for the implant bar, as there are so many options. 

My other advise would be to make sure you are eating healthy, five meals a day, including loads of veg and protein. Cut out the junk food and fizzy drinks. Drink loads of water and of course get active. Try exercising three or four days a week, there are soooo many fun ways to exercise. Cycling, hiking, TRX, dance classes the world is your oyster.

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