Monday, 2 December 2013

Fight the Christmas Bulge

Whilst researching this piece i actually discovered the battle of the Christmas bulge was an actual event that took place in 1944 When German's Launched an attack through the ardennes region of Belgium near the end of World war two. It was seen as one of the costliest mistakes for american forces and had massive casualties . I actually found this quite humorous in relation to the saying the battle of the bulge and that people associate this saying with the Christmas period. It is well suited as the Christmas bulge just like the German forces can sneak in with out being noticed then boom the dreaded bulge in January. Although I dont think Christmas needs to be seen as a battle, You can still enjoy Christmas to the full if you use a smart approach. Remember there are consequences for over indulging and the struggle to loose the pounds is a tough one. Life is for enjoying and is about being present in the moment, you don't have to by pass Christmas to keep an amazing physique. Heading into the Newyear with an amazing Bod is also one hell of a start in comparison to friends or family members who may have added a dress size or more, Time goes by so fast and the struggle for those who were lazy over the Christmas period will see them selves struggle to get in tip top shape for Summer 2014, Which i promise you people will come around fast. So back to my first point a smart approach to Christmas, If you use you're head and not you're stomach you will find yourself looking fab by January.


You may think its one of those times of year where you can let go and chill out. This is the MOST important time of year to stay active and to keep moving. The cold weather and frosty nights make it difficult to keep motivation levels high but If you continue a regular active diary over the festive season, you will find yourself being able to allow for more calories and more treats. Those of you who do ZERO exercise can plan to eat just turkey and sprouts, Stay active, stay inspired and stay moving for a happier healthier Christmas

- Plan you're workouts 

If you know a Big heavy meal is on the cards then think smart. You probably know you are going to be eating a meal of massive proportions if you are anything like my family with Mash potatoes, Stuffing, Sauce and the rest. THINK SMART. Plan a tough workout before this meal, try and work on higher reps therefore depleting more glycogen in the muscles which after need to be replaced. So then the carbs in you're huge meal actually work in you're benefit. So train hard, Sweat buckets then sit down to a gorgeous festive meal .

- Tis the season to party.

You don't have to avoid parties to stay in shape over the festive period. Try eating a small meal before heading to a Christmas party a meal high in protein like Tuna, Eggs chicken etc . Going to a Christmas party on an empty stomach is a bad idea, also avoid the nibbles like Chips, Dip , pastries etc and stick with the proper meal. 

- The liquids will get ya 

This is a huge one to be careful of, People seem to forget how lethal Drinks can be and i am talking over a wide range including Alcohol, Coffees with full fat creams and milk, Eggnogs, Cappuccinos, Hot chocolates, Juices, Cocktails, Fizzy drinks and the rest . The all come with HUGE calorific counts. So think smart and be aware of you're liquid intake One pint can be anywhere from 330 Cals or above, Bottle of red wine over 700 calories . You also may think a drink has lower calories than expected but be sure to check out the sugar levels .
Again Christmas is about having fun and enjoying yourself but be aware of whats going in.

- Pay for it

Ok so you're will is weak and you're feeling pretty shit about the fact you have gorged the same amount of food as you weigh and didnt listen to any of the above tips, what now. Unfortunately my friend is time to pay , get that ass to the Gym and pay for the indulgence. Sorry but there is no other way to burn calories, Try a high intensity cardio workout really work yourself to the bone then be conscience of eating less Carbohydrates and fats during that day, Keep protein level's high    

- Don't let Christmas run into January

Continuing the festive season into January is a really really bad road and i can assure you that you will struggle to get in shape for Summer unless you have genes of gold. Be proactive and be responsible, Once Christmas is over its over ! Start you're healthy shopping, get a new fitness plan and goal to start immediately after Christmas. Don't be lazy and don't wait for somebody else to do it for you, because you will be waiting. It takes Six months to make a drastic change to you're body so keep that in mind for Summer 2014 .

I hope this helped and i hope you all enjoy a wonderful Christmas with family and friends, Let me know what you have planned to stay fit and healthy over the festive period ?
Kelly D 

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