Monday, 16 December 2013

Geordie shore's Vicky shares her weight loss

After the huge success of my last story on Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison i decided to follow up on her weight loss tail. In my last post i described how the reality star dropped down to a small size six through hard work and a healthy diet. Miss Pattison has now taken her weight loss success to a whole other level, launching a weight loss DVD in the coming weeks. 

Her success weight loss is down to a healthy diet of Soups, Green vegetables and grilled chicken. She hugely emphasis the importance of diet and good food, stating diet is 80% of the battle. Vicky now sports a tiny size six body and says she has never felt better or fitter. Her DVD will include high interval training, which she found the most effective and helped her drop from a size 16 to a svelte size 6 . 

Vicky at her biggest during her trip to Australia. She says she wont let herself slip into her old unhealthy ways, she admits to being mortified when the photos below were released. 'It was horrendous, mortifying and heartbreaking. It was the lowest I've ever felt. I didn't recognise myself  I was convinced they'd been doctored'   Vicky looks healthy and toned in her DVD sporting a gold belly top and shorts, and it is completely evident the hard work she has put in. The most exciting thing about this story is that Vicky is sharing her struggle and success with others and passing the torch of health & fitness by releasing this DVD. We hope it is a huge success for her . A huge congratulations to her . 

Vicky rocks her new body 

Whats your opinion on Vicky's weight loss story, and would you include her workout DVD on your Christmas list ??

Kelly D xx

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