Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Ms Kelly Brooke

Good aul Kelly must be doing something right if she was made the face of 2012 Reebok easy tone campaign, Most of us see Model/Actress Kelly Brooke as the epitome of curves, Curves so striking they go up there with the likes of Marilyn Monroe's. Its a beautiful thing that women of all shapes and sizes are being revered and promoted and there is less of an emphasis on size zero skeletons. The reality is we all have different goals and ideal body shapes, some are Thin and tall, some are Curvy some have big booties and some have big boobies. I am a big fan of Toned, Lean with womanly curves, however i am not a fan of promoting curvy women as healthy if they are not fit and active. Again we all have different goals the Likes of Kelly works out regularly to maintain her curvy body just like Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton. I think its healthy to promote Healthy and real people. Kelly admits she has become more health conscience with age. Just like the rest of us Kelly struggles with a strict regime and says she needs her workouts to be fun and her diets to be enjoyable. She Enjoys dance based workouts, Boxing and resistance training she eats a lot of fruit and Fish but still enjoys a treat every now and again. I think Kelly is doing an amazing job and always looks fresh, Young and glowing. Its understandable Reebok pursued the beauty for their campaign because she is a great role model for those aspiring to have a HEALTHY and curvy body.  

Kelly’s top 5 tips for keeping fit are:

  • Make sure you enjoy what you are doing, that way you are more likely to stick to it
  • Train with a girlfriend or someone you can have a good time with - time will fly and it won’t seem like so much hard work
  • If you look good you will feel confident, so make sure you have some nice workout gear to wear to the gym
  • Keep active- even if you can’t make it to the gym you can go for a run or walk outside or invest in a hula hoop which you can use at home
  • Most importantly …..have fun

Kelly has not only featured as the Face of International sports brand Reebok but she has also graced the covers of many Uk fitness magazines like Women's Fitness and Health and Fitness 

Kelly D xx


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