Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Part two of Penneys sportswear including workout and daytime

We all know Penneys Ireland is the place to go for inexpensive style and now they have caught onto the increasing growth in the fitness industry, and have launched a stylish, relevant sportswear range, that is both modern and functional. When you see the photos below including their vibrant sports wear bra's and their daytime sports looks, you will be blown away and running for your nearest Penney's to get your hands on the collection. In reality your workout wardrobe is going to be getting a lot of use especially after Christmas. The fact that cheap and stylish sportswear is at your finger tips, makes working out a lot more enjoyable, lets be honest everyone loves looking cute even when they train.   

Their sports bra collection which is currently in store in their secret possession section is beyond cute and girly. The colourful and patterned bra's are only six euro and come in a range of sizes from small to large, suiting all bust sizes. 

Running Jacket 12 euro 

Pastel Sports bra's ONLY 4 euro

3/4 leggins only 9 euro

Black full length leggings for training 11 Euro 

I Also really wanted to give you a glimpse into their everyday sportswear inspired collection. Rocking my Favourite sportswear hairstyle, that i myself wear regularly, both in the gym and out an about. I am sure you will agree the lookbooks are stunning and scream stylish and cool. Unless told i wouldn't have known this was a Penneys collection. So whether your money is tight after Christmas or you just want to wear stylish sportswear regardless of the price, make sure to check out Penneys this spring.  

If you plan on grabbing some of this amazing stock let me know, i really want to hear your opinions. Leave a comment below.

Kelly D xxx


  1. Thants amazing I'm keeping my eyes out for these!

  2. I'm so excited! I have the pattern but haven't made them yet -- next up!!!! Sportswear