Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Jay Z & Beyonce show off their post vegan challenge bodies

Check out showbiz superstar couple Jay Z and Beyoncé flaunt their new lean bodies. The couple enjoy a trip to miami and undoubtably look smaller after there 22 day vegan challenge ! The couple took on a 22 vegan challenge suggested to Jay Z by trainer and friend gwenyth Paltrow. The rap star had previously been eating a vegan breakfast and decided to go full vegan. The question is , will the golden couple continue the vegan lifestyle or continue to there previous diets. Regardless of their decision the proof is in the vegan pudding, you loose weight when your vegan !                                                         Check out the photos below of Jay Z and Beyoncé in miami 
Some of the food posts on the couples Instagram page ! Looks yum 
Leave a comment below if you you plan on trying vegan or if you have any good vegan recipes you could share.               Kelly D xx

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