Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Smartest Shaker yes the Smartshake

Its not just any old Shaker people its the King of Shakers and probably one of the handiest products to come into your life. This product is a lifestyle, a much more convenient lifestyle that gives you the freedom to be on the go and to live your life without any worry. One of the most important factors with being Fit or trying to get fit is organisation and this is the shaker for you. It allows you to carry all of your daily supplements, vitamins and Protein all in separate containers. The Smartshaker has the ability to be kept in the freezer and to be used in the microwave, which i think you can all agree is pretty amazing. Not only is it light and convenient but it is also 100% leak proof even with the separate compartments. One of the most important factors in this product is that the materials used in making the Smartshake are 100% non toxic, meaning a healthier and more environmentally friendly product. I was thrilled to get to try out their range first hand and experience the convenience of Smartshake, i have one in Neon Pink and another in Neon Orange which i think are slick. 



                                            The Neon Range        

Creator Mikael Nillson was your standard fitness freak who found himself preparing his nutrition for the day in plastic sandwich containers and wrapping his Shaker in another larger plastic bag in fear of leaks. He found himself seeking an answer to his problem and when he hit a blank he decided to work on creating his own solution. The Final product was launched in 2009 and has had huge success internationally. The brand is also linked with four time Mr Olympia Mr Jay Cutler who is heavily involved in the brand. Other athletes involved include Phil Heath and Adele Garcia who have their own signature shakers with Smart Shake .

The Smart Shake Uk comes in at 11.90 euro and delivery is under Five Euro.

If you are looking for something to fill the Christmas stocking with, this is your ideal gift. Perfect for Men and women due to their Huge range in Colour and sizes, everything from Neon Pink, White even metallic grey's. I promise anyone into Health and Fitness would LOOOOOOOOOVVEEEEEEE this as a Christmas present.
A seriously high quality and inexpensive gift idea !!

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