Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Nicola's January Starvation plans

 Before i even start talking about this i want to firmly say how bad of a role model this person is. There are so many dangers with starvation both mentally and physically. Some people have the opinion that this is a good option for weight loss and also the easiest. I can assure you that this is the worst possible idea and will not only affect your body in a negative way but also your mind. Former Page 3 model, Reality TV star and Mother Nicola Mcclean plans on starting a starvation diet this January "I'll probably be into the starvation in January to lose the weight I'll
have put on on Christmas day," the mum-of-two told us. The 32 year old has openly admitted to her history of eating disorders, and has also admitted she has no issue starving herself still to this day "I'm not afraid of eating, but I don't eat normally," . As a person in the public eye as well as a mother, i am shocked that Nicola would promote the fact she plans to starve herself in Januray, Reality TV has such an impact on young people and i think she should keep her disgusting plans to herself. Eating disorders are a horrible thing and i am totally open about people discussing their problems but i am totally against Nicola's causal, Blaze attitude towards starvation. 

For all my readers i really want you to take in these facts. Starvation is a nasty, negative attitude towards weight loss. This is not something you should include as an option EVER. 

- On a starvation diet the body slows the metabolism right down to conserve energy 
- Your brain will slow down from the lack of glucose in your system, which you receive from food in take.
- Both your muscles and brain will work less efficiently from the lack of carbohydrates in your system 
- Anything you do eat will be stored as fat 
- You will gain weight much more rapidly after you have been on a starvation diet. 
-Long term liver and heart defects
- Fatigue
- Irritability
- Short attention span 
- Can lead to full time eating disorders
- You will have bad skin and hair
- You will bruise much easier
- You will start binge eating meaning more weight gain

If you think you have an eating disorder please seek help from your doctor. This is not an option for weight loss there are so many fun and exciting ways to get healthy and slim and this is not one of them. Do not look up to people like Nicola Mcclean, there are so many positive role models out there. These people will motivate you to be healthy and happy. We here at Bikinibrawn think Nicola Mcclean needs to be more responsible with her publicity .

What are your opinions ??

Kelly D 

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