Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Operation Transformation is back

This is one to watch Bikinibrawn readers, the brand new season of Operation transformation. An Irish take on the US hit  'The Biggest Loser'. Regardless if you are overweight or not, this show will definitely motivate you. The show deals with a group of Irish individuals, who have been battling with their weight and want to make a change. This years show is set to be just as inspiring as any of the other seasons with a variety of contestants including a former GAA star, a bride to be , a young mother, a father of five and a widow. Just like any other season you will find yourself connecting or relating to one person, whether its because of their story or their situation. The show comes at a perfect time, as the majority of us are facing our health head on after the Christmas season. This year will see a new group of leaders inspire and motivate the country with their own struggles and successes. Like i mentioned you don't have to be struggling with your weight to enjoy this show, I have tuned in every year and found myself learning tips that i didn't know. Dietitian Aoife Hearne, Doctor Ciara Kelly and John Murray will be the team of experts helping the contestants achieve their goals this year. Make sure to tune in from 8.30 on RTE One .

Would hugely love to hear some feedback after the show. Leave me a comment here on Bikinibrawn and tell me who is your favourite and if you learned anything ?

Kelly D 


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