Friday, 17 January 2014

Protein bread by Dr Zaks

As a big fan of the bodybuilding scene, i am always stalking all the bikini competitors, in the hopes of discovering new techniques in training, diet and of course to see what products they are using. A couple of weeks back, i was reading a couple of articles online about Miss Bikini Olympia, Ashley Kaltwasser. Fitness RX magazine were delving into her fridge and of course her eating habits, so immediately i was sucked in. Some of the content included exciting brands from the states, that i have only recently discovered like, Walden farms condiments, liquid smoke, Muscle eggs and P28 protein bread. I was really intrigued by this P28
bread, apparently super healthy and packed full of protein. I went on a mission to find this product closer to the Irish shores. After an hour or so i found it, Dr Zaks protein bread & pasta. I have always considered myself a savoury person, so i knew i needed to try this product. When you think of healthy alternatives to food and especially bread, you usually think dry, tasteless and cardboard like. Well i can assure you after wolfing down my first bag, that the taste and texture is amazing. For the last week and a half, ive had a slice of Dr Zaks with peanut butter and a couple of eggs every single morning. Unlike your standard bread Dr Zaks offers a product with an exceptional amino acid profile, which they have been developing over the last two years. Dr Zaks use a high quality isolated protein, that supports rapid absorption of protein into the body. At only £1.99 a pack, it is not only great value, but also a top product that should be on your healthy shopping list. In my own personal opinion this is a great product for sports people and bodybuilders, i also would highly recommend it for those trying to cut out bread and are struggling. For those of you excited about this product and are keen to stock up, you will have to get your supplies of Dr Zaks online for the mean time. They are however in talks at this very moment, meaning Dr Zaks will be available in Ireland very very soon. 

Here are some of the facts about Dr Zaks

  •  214 grams of protein per loaf (standard loaf has 14 usable slices)

  • Over 30g of protein in just two slices

  • 100% British Wholemeal flour

  •  Dr Zak’s high protein blend made with the finest protein isolates

  •  Packed with your 8 essential amino acids for muscle growth and energy 

  •  Source of fibre

  • Contains Omega 3s

  • Great taste (you would not know you are eating a high protein product) 

  •  Perfect for maintaining or building muscle 

  • Great for people looking to lose weight (stay fuller longer)

Contains Wheat, Gluten, Soya
May contain traces of nuts & sesame
Here is my yummy pack of Dr Zaks below, which as you can see didn't last very long. Dr Zaks fits in perfectly with my current plan. I am allowed a slice in the morning, which might i say is very enjoyable. I usually have it with a spread of peanut butter and a couple of eggs on the side. 

For more information on Dr Zaks check out the below links. Including their Facebook and twitter pages 
Any questions about this product don't hesitate to leave a line below

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