Sunday, 12 January 2014

Victoria secrets call it the 2014 swimwear collection we call it summer 2014 motivation

Is the cold, rainy weather getting you down. No doubt you are in the same club as i am, pasty white skin covered in layers of clothing. I have just the thing to put a bit of warmth and of course envy into your bones. It might also act as a little motivation for the looming, sunny, swimsuit season that will be summer 2014. These ladies pop up on every motivational, fitspiration body page out there. With glowing skin and hair and bodies to die for. We all know these stunning creatures do not wake up as glamorous as they appear, in all of there runway shows and photo campaigns, they all admit to having strict healthy diets and workout regimes. I have been mentioning quite a lot across the Bikinibrawn social media pages, that summer 2014 is less than twenty weeks away. For most of you, you are shaking your heads and are feeling that Christmas has barely just left us. Unfortunately time waits for no one, and that's why i am so pushy about people taking action now. Victoria secrets have just launched their 2014 swimwear collection, and of course the VS babes are out in force promoting it, as well as there amazing bodies. The reality is that summer is coming and its time to get fit. This is the ideal motivation to get you all into gear. The Victoria secret 2014 swimwear collection with the incredible Candice, Allesandra and friends, showing of the beautiful swimwear and of course THE BODIES ! 


Hope this gets all you bikinibrawn babes moving !! 

Kelly D xx

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