Sunday, 26 January 2014

Salty & sweet peanut butter cupcakes with MyProtein Uk Muffin mix

I was sent a pretty cool package a week back from My Protein Uk. They are an online sports nutrition brand, who offer not only a massive range of products but also with an extremely affordable price tag. Some of their products are very exciting, including the one i am trying out today 'My proteins Muffin mix' . They have a huge range of products that allow you to cheat clean and enjoy some yummy nibbles without the guilt. They have items like Protein cookies, protein pancake mix, protein dessert and many many more. The ingredients include a protein concentrate, Milk protein, egg protein that all add a significant amino profile.

I unfortunately had no muffin cases so decided to make mini muffins instead. The sachet comes with 200g of muffin protein mix with no flavouring. I am a huge peanut butter nut so thought that would make a nice cupcake flavour. The instructions say that you will get four large muffins from the mix , i got a total of 19 mini cupcakes. 

              100g protein muffin mix / 3 Large scoops

2 Tablespoons of Coconut oil

Add 100ml of Milk / Almond milk / Soy milk

I also decided to add an extra portion of protein in which isnt in the instructions. I added one whole egg and mixed with the rest of the ingredients. I then also added One large spoon of smooth peanut butter. Mix the ingredients well

The direct instructions say you need to bake for a total of 12- 15 minutes but since i made cupcakes not large muffins, i found that 6 minutes at 160 c did the job. 

VOILA !! Little golden looking cabbages

Ok so they may look a little like toasted cabbages, i reckon that could have been down to the egg that i added. Regardless they taste very yummy and are also very light and fluffy. Obviously you can adapt these anyway you like, chocolate, vanilla etc. Each miniature cake comes to roughly 20 calories, 2g protein, 2g of carbs and 1g of sugar.   

To get your hands on Myprotein's protein muffin mixture follow the link below. A 200g pack is just under 15 euro :  myprotein muffin-mix Link

Whats your verdict ? 

Kelly D xx

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