Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Taking it to a new level

This time last year i decided to take on a new challenge and being the Newyear, i wanted to set a new goal. My goal was to move from average to extraordinary, as a person who is regularly active and who has always been relatively healthy i wanted to take it up a notch and to try achieve the best body i could in six weeks. The reason for the six weeks was that i wanted to give myself a realistic target, as this was the first time i had dont anything like this.It was also out of curiosity, to see how much i could push myself and to also see how many body would react, to continuous clean food and weight training. This wasn't a case of Yoyo dieting or wanting to loose a lot of weight instantly, It was about putting on muscle, eating a lot of healthy food, getting more proportioned and burning excess fat. There is no such thing as a quick fix or a fast track to anything, this was a lot of hard work and took a lot of will power. I tried to focus on how much i enjoyed being healthy and also became addicted to the transformation. I also decided to share my journey publicly, both on twitter and on facebook. I thought putting myself and my journey out there and making it public would keep me on the right track, as of course nobody wants to fail especially on front of thousands of people. Funny enough the six week transformation got a lot of attention and found women and men writing to me about their journeys and also about how i was helping and motivating them. 

I remember people were quite shocked by how quickly i was achieving results, after one week i could see a massive difference in my stomach definition and everyone was talking about my abs. I started my journey as an already slim, Healthy person who trained at least four times a week with 23% bodyfat. 
Have included some images from my journey. Including my progress photographs and also my food images .As you can see i always did a big shop , super healthy loads of veg, meat and fish. I also feel very narcissistic posting so many photos of my stomach but i found it really helped me stay on track. As well as a printed out diet plan, a calender, workout plan and of course loads of lunch boxes. I genuinely cant stress enough how important it is to be organised, lack of preparation is where you will fail.

         The endless photos of food. I ate roughly every two to three hours. At first people seemed to hate all my food photos but by week two, when people started to see my body transform they really got sucked in. 


 The endless stomach selfies. I genuinely felt this really motivated me to improve. I wanted every photo to be better than the last one. After six weeks the transformation was unbelievable. I had never been as small or as toned as i was. I have always had a size eight body, but by the end of the six weeks was rocking a small size eight body. Which might i say was a first in my 23 years.   

The results !! I dropped from 23% Bodyfat to just under 13%. I felt AMAZING inside and out, i was full of energy, my skin was glowing. I was also blown away to be asked to feature in both Life magazine with the Irish independent and The Irish Sun because of its success 

      Red bikini photos by photographer
Evan Doherty, Makeup by AJ Makeup, Hair and styling by Shauna and Nicole spain.
As you can see from the photo's i have very little tan on. 

For those interested in giving it a whirl, checkout the plan and tips below. Its a very similar plan to the one i did last year. Although for anyone wondering its different to my 2014 plan 

I will be going through in detail my plans for 2014, after last years six week plan i am ready to take it to a new level. I will be doing a 16 week challenge this time, with the hopes of putting on more overall muscle. I can see where i need to improve thanks to last years experiment. I know i am well able to burn fat and get lean. My main focus are my glutes, shoulders and better arms. I want a more proportioned physique both lean and volume. Leave a comment below if you are starting your own fitness journey, or if you have any questions ?

A huge happy newyear to all my readers 

Kelly D xx

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